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4 traits of leading-edge women (& 1 scandalous secret)


as i see it, as leading-edge women we are tasked with this challenge: as you love exuberantly and birth your greatness into the world, become MORE juicy and expressed rather than wrung out and run down.

i can tell you (and i’m sure you can tell me), it’s a no-joke challenge.

it’s not for the faint of heart (nor faint of body or soul, either!)

over my 10+ years of gazing at the lives of my friends, colleagues, students and clients, i noticed there are four traits that these women have in common.

#1: she has located infallible guidance within herself and is sourced and led by it.

she’s pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not actually that hard to find.  it’s been there all along.

she’s stopped waiting for someone or something to have the answers, she’s sourced her own.

she’s stopped waiting for permission to for her life to begin, she feels like she’s ARRIVED.

#2: she has befriended her body and trusts her desires.

she knows that these very things she used to mistrust, abhor and doubt the most, actually hold the treasure.

she WAS absolutely sure if she followed what she most craved and longed for, she’d end up fat, ugly, broke, lonely, toothless and homeless.  but where there was once a war zone, she’s struck up a peace treaty.  and then EVERYTHING CHANGES.

she feels good in her body.  she lets loose a desire, the universe stands up and cheers.  she knows how to let it come to her and how to let it in when it comes.

#3: she is willing to do her deep, internal work to shift what blocks her from knowing, speaking and receiving her true desires.

some of her beliefs and patterns that trip her up, she can see … but some she can’t see, some are “invisible”.

in fact, she’s realized that if there is a gap between what she dearly WANTS and what she’s actually GOT, then for sure she’s stock-piling a nice stack of invisible beliefs, blocks and patterns.

so, she puts on her wading boots and dives in to revise them.

#4: she surrounds herself with other women who believe in her, often before she believes in herself.

she’s noticed that as a woman, she rises or falls with the company she keeps.

she’s learned there is a certain kind of woman who has a compass at her core, knows her worth and is rockin’ her unique brand of the feminine.  she’s learned she needs to surround herself with THIS type of woman, and so she does.  she’s learned she can trust THIS kind of woman with her life, and so she does.

i am perfectly clear that women who are running with these four traits make the world better and brighter.  around these women, people fall in love with themselves and can’t wait to be great.

it’s simple.  and i am in complete service to these women.

my newest Mentorship program, Meant To Be: The Mastermind, is all about helping women step fully in to these four traits. and of course that one (rather scandalous!) secret practice.  (did you think i was going to forget to mention that secret? not a chance!)

for now, your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. scan back over your day, or over your week.  find the moment you felt most wrung out or run down.

2. what SENSATIONS do you feel in your body?  (hot, cold, contractive, expansive, tight, open…)

3. WHERE do you feel it in your body?  (your throat, lower back, chest, heart, neck…)

4. what EMOTIONS go with it?  (alone and helpless. angry and indignant. dead inside…)

5. what BELIEF or WORRY goes with it?  (“i can’t do this.” “nobody understands.”  “it’s all going to fall apart.”  “i’m not good enough.”)

6. what is the POSITIVE INTENTION that worry or belief has for you?

i know that one’s a little tricky.  but your WORRY is actually in service to your greater safety or belonging.

your seemingly negative BELIEF is actually working overtime for your well-being, however convoluted it’s methods may be.

for an example, let’s say you locate your most wrung out and run down last week.  you feel it in your belly, a tight, hot knot. you feel alone and helpless.  your WORRY is, “i can’t do this.”

the positive intention that BELIEF has for you: if you are alone enough and helpless enough, help can come.

said slightly differently, the positive intention of your WORRY: to be alone and helpless SO THAT help will come at last.

my last question, then – and this is the juicy cherry on top – when help comes at last (when that positive intention of your WORRY happens) what will that let you know about yourself?

share below, pretty please.

to you, on your leading-edge,

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