is your feminine genius™ ON?

you're OFF if

you think…

  • your woman’s body is a mistake
  • what you desire deeply will cost you dearly
  • you cannot trust other women
  • you don’t have a voice
  • do it all yourself to get done at all
  • you can’t let your weakness show
  • second-guessing yourself is second-nature
  • you’re waiting for your life to begin

you're ON when

you know…

  • it feels really good to be in your body
  • creative fire flows through sexual fire
  • that powerful, beautiful woman? “she’s one of my kind!”
  • divine guidance isn’t out there somewhere, it’s in you
  • you do less so you can be more
  • your vulnerability is part of your power
  • you knock it out of the park, with pleasure
  • you’ve arrived

five fierce ways to turn your feminine genius™ on :

1. you're turned ON

i know you know what i'm talking about: you can tell when a woman has her light turned on or turned off.  your turn-on is your life-force.  it's your passion.  it's your power to create anything from a baby to a business.  it's everyday, it's holy, it's innocent, it's erotic.  it's what makes your life worth living.

we turn away from turn-on because we have been hurt by it and have learned to be ashamed of it.  but being turned on is not a condiment or garnish, it's one of the major food groups for women.  it simply must be re-included if you'd like any access at all to your true voice and your personal power.

your light-switch not reliably in the "on" setting?  your finger not poised to flick it back on when life turns you off?  allow me to guide you how to find it again and to take a simple five-step journey turn on YOUR Feminine Genius™.

2. you make peace with your body

the war in your heart is over, the hostile shelling in your mind has ceased.  i call it embodiment: you feel at home in your skin and you are right with the dark/light, up/down, rupture/rapture, everything-in-between ride that is being a woman. you've regained ownership of your juice and joy.

3. you trust your desires.

where else can your start aside from what you want?  your desires are the fuel for a brightly-burning life and love.

::  genius: exceptional creative power and natural ability.
::  genius: like having your own personal genie in your own personal bottle in your own personal body that you can rub to grant yourself wishes. (genius and genie share same etymological root, by the way).
::  genius: grants wings and lungs to your desires.

when your let your desires guide you, your unique brilliance pours forth and points you in your right direction, whether for your relationship, life or biz.  when you let your desires be your internal compass, you (or your life) doesn't suddenly become perfect, but it becomes impossible to feel truly lost ever again.

4. you regularly sharpen the blade of your intuition

on the steps of a brownstone on the upper west side of Manhattan, i told my mentor about a time in my life peppered by under-earning in over-crowded bars, over-eating to fill a hole in my heart and sleeping with the same wrong guy, over and over again.  i moaned, "i had no intuition."  "oh, no," she said, "you were developing your intuition."

turns out intuition isn't totally born, it's mostly made.  honing and heightening your intuition is an iterative act.  you fall. and then you ask, "what did i trip over, so i know to step over it next time?"  you fail.  and then you ask, "what did i miss, so i can include it next time?"  you flounder.  and then you ask, "what worked about that (i'll keep it) and what do i want to leave (far) behind?" 

your inner knowing, your personal guidance system, your intuition … it's not a trophy, it's a practice.

5. you surround yourself with other other (turned-on, embodied) women.

you know the power in community.  you know you can't (and shouldn't have to) do it alone.  you know that you rise (or fall) to the company you keep.  the language of the Feminine Genius™ is not our native tongue.  you need to hang out with other women who are getting fluent.  they will hold up a shiny mirror and coax out your brilliance.  they'll remind you to alchemize envy and jealousy into personal power.  through them, you'll fall more in love with yourself.

sisterhood is requisite.  tribe is essential.  some ways to find yours.