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At War With Myself

In honor of International Women’s Day 2018, I’ve got another gorgeous video to share with you.

It’s a bit about MY story and why I wrote Feminine Genius, but I believe it speaks to OUR story and why the world so dearly needs the genius (and strength and resiliency and tail-wagging hope) of the FEMININE in all of us.

If you’re thinking of buying a book (or two or ten), scroll down to the bottom, because there are all kinds of bonuses and goodies you might as well get in on.

Also, I suggest watching the video above — it is STUNNING, created by the genius creatives at my publisher, Sounds True — but if you prefer you can also get the gist of the video in word form, here:

There is a particular kind of insanity running rampant in the world that compels most women to stuff down parts of ourselves in order to feel valuable, attractive, or be taken seriously.

Which doesn’t work of course.

It actually ensures we remain unfulfilled, miserable, and AT WAR with ourselves.

The war sounds like, “I hate my body … I’m my own worst enemy … I’m always running, pushing, striving, driving … Whatever I really want MUST be bad for me.”

MY war started at 17 when I left my childhood home and got myself a scholarship to a fancy boarding school to study dance.

I knew that to “make it” in “a man’s world” and in the dance world, I needed to be “perfect” — thin, attractive, ON all the time, and tough.

I whittled myself down to a painfully thin 90 pounds … I would date at least three men at any given time, to prove to myself I was attractive … I put on a brave face by day pretending the rejection of auditions didn’t get to me, but by night I took my shaky self to my friends: Ben, Jerry, and Netflix.

And when this warring lifestyle didn’t work, I did what most women do: I DOUBLED DOWN on the war.

But ten years later, I heard this from one my mentors:

“When you are at war with yourself and you win, who loses?”

This is when I realized the war with myself that I was trying so desperately to win, was actually DESIGNED to keep me from getting to where (and who) I wanted to be.

Because when one part of you loses, ALL of you loses.  And then you are truly lost.

But now comes the good news:

There IS a path to the woman you are aching to become.

This path is unruly, messy, and a wee bit naughty, and asks you trust (and eventually love) the very parts of you that you previously warred against.

This path asks you to learn to use your sensuous, desirous, wildly feeling female body as a steadfast and trustworthy compass, to:

• Find your truth (buried in a tangle of shoulds and ought to-s).
• Quit betraying yourself (and other women).
• Discover that your dark is not a mistake.
• Learn how to use intuition instead of willpower.
• ​​​​​​​Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

This is the provocative path of Feminine Genius.

Look, there is nothing wrong with the masculine in all of us – our logical, linear, will-powered, competitive strengths.

We all have them in us, and they are very useful. It’s just that most of us overuse them to personal — and planetary — breakdown.

What the world needs most is your Feminine Genius — all of your intuitive, feeling, sensual, receptive, collaborative strengths.

When a woman stops the war and turns her own power back on … her spine straightens … there is an unmistakable confidence about her … she feels at home in herself … and what she contributes to the world has profound impact.

THAT is why I wrote Feminine Genius for YOU, and for women everywhere.

No, this provocative path will not make you — or your life — “perfect.”

But it will make it impossible for you to feel truly lost, ever again.

In a world that tells you ten thousand times a day all the ways you are crazy, deficient, and wrong, Feminine Genius will remind you that …

You are just right,

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