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Ever feel trapped in your head?

The warning to “get out of your head” (from yourself or someone else) often sounds something like this: Stop thinking so much. Quit over-analyzing. Just enjoy and go with the flow. Be more spontaneous. Go with your gut. Stop over-thinking things. You’re too much in the future and not in the present. Stop dragging your …

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Black Friday in June!

Will you join me? Here’s what I mean …. on this Friday June 19 let’s put our dollars consciously into Black (and Indiginous and People of Color) communities. Juneteenth, June 19 (which this year falls on a Friday) is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States, when news …

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Your body is a temple

Your body is a temple. I’ve heard that phrase many times before. I have always loved it, but truth be told, I only let it sink in as far as, “Too many French fries just ain’t good for this sacred vessel o’ mine.” Or, “Less complaining, more gratitude.” And, “If this eyeliner blinded the bunny …

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put THIS on your plate today

Whatever you put on your plate today, make sure to include this. I have a friend, Annie, who believes that certain words we think of as nouns should actually be verbs. Like the word, “woman.” So that instead of being a noun — a static person, place, or thing — the word “woman” should be …

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