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Self-love simplified

Happy Valentine’s Day — or happy Day of the Heart as they call it at my son’s school.

Can I just say I can’t believe it’s February? I’m finally feeling really well-prepared for September … of last year. Well, then. Onward.}

So, a couple days ago we got a puppy. Nine weeks old, the little thing. She’s a bundle of joy and exuberance and quite possibly the cutest thing ever. She’s already mastered peeing on her special pad. But poop? Not so much.

Stay with me a sec so I can link up self-love with puppy poops.

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What I look for in a mentor

Although I haven’t always been, I am very picky about who I learn from.

After some times of being misled, bamboozled, and relieved of large sums of money, I am extremely discerning about who I let into my heart, let influence my energy, and let care for the well-being of my psyche while they help me transform into the next version of me.

Nowadays, I make my choice fairly quickly whether I will or won’t learn from any particular person. It’s a swift bodily affirmation. But I thought it might be useful to break down what I’m paying attention to, as I make my choices.

May it be useful to you as you make your own.

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My New Year’s Not-Ritual for my Not-Goals

If the whole “Carpae-The-Next-365-Diems” thing isn’t feeling right to you for some reason, may this odd article of mine below shed some light on why.

I have always been suspicious of setting resolutions at the start of a new year.

You know how resolutions go … diets last about 3 hours (or maybe 3 days if you’re really hardassed and depending how much chocolate and chips you have in your pantry). Workout regimes last about 3 days (or 3 weeks if you’re really hard nosed and depending on how much you actually loathe those step aerobics classes).

But recently, trying to set goals is feeling more hollow and disorienting than usual.

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hacking magic


at the end of december last year, i got an offer from my dream publisher to publish my first book.

its working title is Feminine Genius and it is slated to make its way into this world in spring of 2017.

i define Feminine Genius as the intelligence a woman uses to source her truth, her choices, and her contributions to the world that is divine in origin and felt by her in her body.

(note:  men have Feminine Genius too, but my book is written for women).

at that alchemical moment in time that is new year’s eve, when one year gives way to a new one, i asked my husband a question:  what do you see and want for me, this year, as i write this book?

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what is a blessing?

so, i’m chewing on this puzzle:

how breakdowns, depressions, heartbreaks, ruptures, rock bottoms and dark nights of the soul can be blessings, miracles and moments of grace.

what is a blessing?  a miracle?  grace?

i know that in the presence of grace, what formerly felt impossible feels not just possible but inevitable.  i know that the miraculous brings a feeling of being no longer alone, the truest embrace.  a blessing is something other-worldly, brought squarely into this world.  a terrified part of ourselves unclenches and relaxes into the sunshine embrace of life.  we feel in unity with a force that is larger than us, yet part of us.

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