Author name: LiYana Silver

Feeling lost or stuck?

Hello dear one, I would like to give you some ‘good news,’ as it were, when you’re feeling stuck or lost.  And there’s a simple exercise for you, toward the end, as well. Read on and/or watch the video version of it: A bit ago on a birthday call, I was describing to my friends …

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The Sleeping Self

Allow me to tell you a story about The Sleeping Self.  It’s my re-telling of an Edgar Allen Poe story, The Tell-tale Heart, and thus is a touch gruesome for a minute, so be forewarned and bear with me. There was once a woman — we’ll call her Jane — who was probably a lot like you and me: …

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Know your own voice

Your own voice. Everyone has it. And yet it can be one of the hardest things to locate in a busy, modern existence. And as a woman who has been trained to listen and attend to everyone else before herself. Everyone needs it. So we know what we want, what we don’t, what’s good for us …

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