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big news to share

hi you wonderful you,

big news to share.

i am going on a much needed Sabbatical, a Sacred Pause, to revivify my creative self and rest my weary service muscles for a spell. for a year, i think. 

what does this mean for you?  for us?  read on a bit; i’ve got you.

some academics go on Sabbaticals and take a year off every seventh year

some of us observe the Sabbath and take a day off every seventh day.

some of us let the crops rest and take a season off every growing cycle or so.

these traditions acknowledge that we really shouldn’t pretend that pushing to produce day-in-and-day-out, year-in-year-out is good or wise or healthy.

it’s not.  it’s really, really not.

and i have so much i want to produce!  for you, with you.

a second book.  a TED talk.  a new body of work, including a quiz/assessment and a course, based on what i’m calling The Five Overwhelm Types and Their Antidotes (which is bringing head-smacking realizations and needed relief to those who are working with it currently).  bringing back my Embodiment Experience mentorship program with in-person retreats.

these are seeds, sitting in their seed packets on the shelf of my imagination, waiting to be planted and watered when my creative soil is fertile again.

but right now?  i’m really tired.

are you too?  

i can imagine that the threading of your life is unweaving itself in curious, mysterious, and possibly disturbing ways, in similar ways to how mine is.

most of my clients, friends, and some family report similar things.

we are all tired, perhaps sensitive and overwhelmed in ways that we haven’t experienced yet in our lives.  what used to work, no longer works, and in fact makes things worse.  we’re in a deep, ongoing inquiry of what we want to keep and what we want to jettison from our lives.

of course, you might be on fire with passion and purpose, and if that’s going on for you, i celebrate this with you!

and, if you too are in a deep unweaving, a radical questioning, a beautiful slowing, a holy reconfiguration of how you are living and being, i celebrate this with you!

over here, the re-threading isn’t yet upon me.  re-threading requires time.  and space.  and questioning.  and listening.  and responding to what is here now.

and what is here now is a lot of fatigue, breathlessness, sleeplessness, stress.  a lot of creative desires along with a body and soul that needs revitalization in order to be able to gestate and birth those desires. and a pull to re-thread a life that is rich with meaning, connection, savoring.

this Sacred Pause is not an idle whim of a dilettante.  although i’ve got a lot of privilege to even be able to Pause, this Pause is an instinctual act of self-preservation.  i know that if i keep at things as i have been, i will become unable to do life and care for my son, myself, and my clients.

in the face of the world’s wagging finger prodding us to go! go! go! it is brave to Pause.

i wish i could say that my Sabbatical will consist of me sleeping in, taking rambling walks, having deep conversations with my neighbors over the fence, and open-ended hours for candle-lit reading, baths, and contemplating my navel.

alas, not so much.  

my plate is full and will remain so.  but not so full i tip over and spill things.

professionally-speaking i will be mainly focusing on my private clients  and my consulting work with NLP Marin, the school where i did my upper level training in transformational coaching, and a big part of what makes me extraordinary at what i do.

what i’m Pausing from are online things like consistent emails, blogs, social media, course creation, and program launches.  (makes me tired just to write it).

less virtual, less digital.  more personal, more palpable.

you’ll still hear from me.

and i hope you’ll still open my emails, read them, click on links inside them, and even reply!

why?  two important reasons.

on a personal level, when you do these things it lets me know you’re out there!  yes, hello, you!  and it also lets me know that what i’m putting out zings for you and gives us both a moment of meaning and connection. (*cheers*)

on a technical level, when you do these things it signals to your and my email programs that it is safe to keep delivering my emails to you.
otherwise, i will probably get stashed in the dungeon of your spam folders or never even make it to you at all.  (*cries*)

i’d very much like to stay in connection.

my theme for this Pause is revivification.  it’s a nice mouthful that speaks of things like vitality, creativity, and radiant health.

i wish all the same for you, 

PS: if you are interested in connecting around private session work, read more here.   i am currently full but have openings starting in january of 2022.

PPS: if you are interested in NLP Marin and the unique training that’s offered there, read more here.

PPS: if you are interested in being a tester and refiner of the quiz/assessment on The Five Overwhelm Types and Their Antidotes, whenever it’s ready, put yourself on this list here.

PPPS: image by the talented Wendy K. Yalom

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