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Why on earth did they join The Embodiment Experience? [video: 7 women’s stories]

I’m heart-melting to share this video with you.

I asked seven Embodiment Experience alumnae to share what they got from our mentorship program together – and what stuck with them three, five, and even nine years later.

But before you watch it, I suggest you do two things:

1. Take three deep breaths.

2. Carve out, using your sacred boundary knife, a few minutes of quality time.

Here’s why.

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Why you might feel alone, sorta alien, like very few people get you, and there’s got to be something more than this

Chances are, you are part of the 11%. I’ll explain.

If you feel alone, sorta alien, like very few people get you, and there’s got to be something more than this … if you’ve felt lately or even much of your life like an outsider, an outlier, or the black sheep in your family, culture, friend group … if you’ve felt that you have different priorities and have wondered if you are seeing a different world than those around you … I made this video for you:

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body as temple.

i’ve heard it many times before and have always liked the phrase, but truth be told, i only let it sink in as far as “too many french fries just ain’t a good thing for this sacred vessel o’ mine.”  and, “complain less, say thank you more.”

but really, what if my body were actually a temple?

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Ever feel trapped in your head?

The warning to “get out of your head” (from yourself or someone else) often sounds something like this:

Stop thinking so much. Quit over-analyzing. Just enjoy and go with the flow. Be more spontaneous. Go with your gut. Stop over-thinking things. You’re too much in the future and not in the present. Stop dragging your past into the present. Worrying is like praying for what you DON’T want.

That’s a hefty list of well-meaning warnings, even if they are a bit bossy. But when you do get “out of your head,” what do you get into?

Why, your body, of course.

And I’d love to share with you why I think getting “into your body” is a very smart move.

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