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When success is a mirage

‘I think you have success dysmorphia,’ my friend Ali told me about 8 years ago. Dysmorphia means ‘wrongly shaped.’  It’s a term usually paired with ‘body’ as in ‘body dysmorphia,’ when you look at yourself and see someone wrongly shaped (when actually you’re just right). Unable to see ourselvesas we truly are,we see ourselves onlyas …

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Feeling lost or stuck?

Hello dear one, I would like to give you some ‘good news,’ as it were, when you’re feeling stuck or lost.  And there’s a simple exercise for you, toward the end, as well. Read on and/or watch the video version of it: A bit ago on a birthday call, I was describing to my friends …

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The Sleeping Self

Allow me to tell you a story about The Sleeping Self.  It’s my re-telling of an Edgar Allen Poe story, The Tell-tale Heart, and thus is a touch gruesome for a minute, so be forewarned and bear with me. There was once a woman — we’ll call her Jane — who was probably a lot like you and me: …

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