Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

to do what’s true

a new poem for all your roof-raising, edge-pushing and silent acts of fearlessness +++++ to do what’s true, true for youtakes bravery in the blood you must decline the invitation to shrink or dimsay no to slipping down the slope, subduedrefuse to be stopped dead in your tracks


:: to you, Lover. and to you, Beloved +++++ all i want is more of Him i open my mouthHis words play and have their way i open my thighsHis fingers skim and part my seas


a thank you, from Your Life, to you +++++ at first i appear softly as a rowdy sunset, attempting to tempt you from your busy-ness, to distract you into dizzy-ness. at firstyou ignore me and my colorful seduction. so then i show up as an infant with half-moon shadows under cancer eyes in a first-world ICU or …

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how to grow a god/dess

a tiny poem for you:


i want to be your soil, he says, rich and loamy.

i want you to dig in with your toes, i want you
to lay down roots, and i want you 
from my fertile ground, to bloom fantastically.

make ugly your temple

this is a strange post to write. the last nine months of my life have been some of the darkest and ugliest to date.  soaring bright spots, too, but the low points were remarkably low. why? how?

She’s coming again.

who is this She that’s coming again? let me explain. these last few winter months, i’ve been reviewing my year of exuberant HIGHS and dark LOWS.

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