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do you REALLY know what you want?

(warm warning:  story first.  skip to the video if you wish.)

there once was an esteemed, learned scholar who went on a long expedition over the sea.  at one point in his journey, he came across a small, beautiful island, on which lived three holy women.  the scholar was curious to learn their ways, and so one evening around the camp fire, he asked them, “how do you pray?”  

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how to grow a god/dess

a tiny poem for you:


i want to be your soil, he says, rich and loamy.

i want you to dig in with your toes, i want you
to lay down roots, and i want you 
from my fertile ground, to bloom fantastically.

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body as temple.

i've heard it many times before and have always liked the phrase, but truth be told, i only let it sink in as far as "too many french fries just ain't a good thing for this sacred vessel o' mine."  and, "complain less, say thank you more."

but really, what if my body were actually a temple?

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make ugly your temple

this is a strange post to write.

the last nine months of my life have been some of the darkest and ugliest to date.  soaring bright spots, too, but the low points were remarkably low.

why? how?

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