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you are walking asleep

have you ever read an article or poem that rings so true you feel like you could have written it?  and that is so good you wish you did write it?

this one is all that for me and so i share it with you.  it's The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

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an unlikely tool to wrangle your guilt

you don’t have to be a working mother (like me) to feel guilt.

for me, guilt appears when i’m at my desk (and not with my little one).

and for me, guilt appears when i’m with my little one and feel i’m not working hard enough, earning more or serving my clients better.

maybe yours shows up slightly differently.  maybe you’re torn between work and working out.  or self-care and caring for your beloved.  or tending to your family and tending to your ailing mother.

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throw jealousy a party

a couple months ago, i was invited by Your Tango to create a series of videos along with John Gray (the Mars/Venus guy) and some other great minds/hearts in the relationship sphere and i'd love to share a hot one with you today … it's on jealousy.

jealousy's a hard one.  some say THE hardest one.

i say it can be a blessing.  i say, throw your jealousy a party.

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