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of Lady Parts and rutabagas

i'm still basking in the after-glow of the second and final retreat of my 6-month mentorship program, Woman: The Embodiment Experience.

recently we gathered in a private retreat house in wine country.  we learned radical life tools for us feminine beings.  we ate high-vibe private-chef crafted food. soaked our bodies in the cool salt water pool and the hot hot tub.  tamed Inner Demons.  became Wild Things.  got comfortable with the Dark.  celebrated the Light.  and dropped into the most profoundly intimate and loving space i've ever witnessed 10 women co-creating.

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you get sh*t done. now what?

i'm going to guess you (like me) love your productivity muscles.  checking things off my to-do lists is still kind of a turn-on.

maybe you started a business from scratch that's now rockin' and rollin'.  have mastered how to do it yourself (because would it get done at all if left to someone else?).  know how to invest in a business development program that promises a 10x return on your money.  how to measure success by how many new clients came, how high your rates raised, how much your income increased.

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