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The simple way I’m welcoming 2022

Hello dear one,

Yes, I did say “welcoming” 2022. I may be an outlier but I am not already wishing to crush 2022 into dust, the way many of us wished we could do to 2020 and 2021. 

I’m actually doing pretty well. And I’m actually smiling when I think about the year unfolding itself, day by day and week by week, like a red carpet into the unknown.

I want to share with you the very simple ritual I did to welcome 2022. 

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big news to share

hi you wonderful you,

big news to share.

i am going on a much needed Sabbatical, a Sacred Pause, to revivify my creative self and rest my weary service muscles for a spell. for a year, i think.

what does this mean for you?  for us?  read on a bit; i’ve got you.

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vision boards vs. breadcrumbs

There’s a lot about my life I’d like to change right now. I can see pretty lucidly what’s not working and where the problems are, but I’m actually experiencing an even bigger problem.

The way I’ve gone about creating new futures for myself, now rings hollow.

I used to do the “vision board” thing: create a very clear vision of what I want, write out lists with criteria as specific as possible, and then send that desire out into the Universe.

If that way is working for you, hallelujah. It works for a lot of people. It’s worked for me in the past. It’s no longer working for me.

So I’m in this in-between place of wanting a different future, but lacking new tools to help me get there.

In a profound conversation I recently had with my coach, she laughed as I described the “vision board” way of manifesting.

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How Life’s Hardest Heartbreaks Can Remake You Into a Queen

Dear friend,

This one is a bit long, but worth it. I’m about to share some parts of my life story I’ve never shared publicly to this degree — specifically about heartbreaks and Dark Nights, and how they can remake you into a Queen. As they have for me.

I also have a free workshop next week, which I’ll share more about in a moment, but feel free to learn more and reserve your seat now:

Mining For Gold in the Dark Night of Your Soul
How Life’s Hardest Heartbreaks Can Remake You Into a Queen

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Wow. THIS was his New Year’s resolution.

I’ve packed a lot of WOW into this blog post.

Stay tuned. Something in here might just restore some of your hope in mankind and support you with whatever heartbreak you may be wading your way through.

It all starts in the check-out line at my favorite grocery store.

Whenever D is working, I push my cart into his station. It’s going on two years now that we’ve been chatting and sharing little details of our lives as he scans and I bag.

As he often does, D asks me how my “little man” is. Since the pandemic, I don’t bring my son into stores anymore, and he is missed.

Then D says something so wow-inspiring I titled this whole blog post in honor of it.

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