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What is going on with, “I am doing what for how much and why?!?”

I have been hearing and reading so much lately about Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation.

It isn’t a new phenomenon for people to “phone it in” when they’ve long lost interest in the work they are doing but haven’t yet handed in their resignation — aka Quiet Quitting.

It isn’t a new phenomenon for people to realize they can make more money and have more of their life back if they become a contractor working from home vs a salaried employee chained to their cubicle. Or to realize that work is making them sick so they can no longer work, or that they spend more in childcare than they earn from work so WTF?!? — aka The Great Resignation.

It isn’t new, but it’s now more common. It’s reached a fever pitch, a cultural zeitgeist, especially since the pandemic. Maybe you relate …

I have a hunch about what is having so, so, so many of us say something like, “What in the actual F? I am doing what for how much and why? Is this actually how I want my life to be? Is this actually who I want to be?”

I call it The Great Reckoning.

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When you start to fall apart

Hello dear one,

Here in the western hemisphere it’s getting fully into autumn, the air a bit nippier, the leaves turning riotous sunset colors and then dropping in papery trust falls to the receiving earth.

In a fiction book my son is reading, they aptly call this season “leaf-fall.”

One could say the trees are falling apart.

They are losing their leaves after all — losing their youthful foliage, their fertile beauty, their defining features. They will become naked. We will see them bare to the bone, stark silhouettes against the sky.

But we don’t say the trees are falling apart.

We know it’s seasonal, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful. We fully trust that the trees will get a new coat of leaflettes come springtime. We do not worry: our friends the trees will grow leaves again. They will renew themselves. They will still be who they always were, yet regenerated versions — newer, truer, stronger, wiser.

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When what used to work, no longer works

Hello, dear one.

I’m back. Did you miss me? I missed me. I missed you!

About 10 months ago, I shared with you that I was going on a Sabbatical of sorts, mostly taking a break from launching programs and doing consistent emails, social media, blogs, and the like.

I was at a crossroads, one of those face-in-the-dust moments, in which I knew if I kept doing the things that I was doing, in the way I had been doing them, I was going to break.

It was a good sabbatical.

And then I forgot I was on a sabbatical and the fam got sick for a long time and life got very un-sabbatical-like. But regardless of taking several un-sabbatical-like steps backward, I have some sweet fruits born of this time to share with you in the coming months.

What I’ve been chewing on, gnawing on, all these sabbatical months, is this question:

What do we do when what used to work, no longer works? And not only does it no longer work, but actually makes things worse?

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Why on earth did they join The Embodiment Experience? [video: 7 women’s stories]

I’m heart-melting to share this video with you.

I asked seven Embodiment Experience alumnae to share what they got from our mentorship program together – and what stuck with them three, five, and even nine years later.

But before you watch it, I suggest you do two things:

1. Take three deep breaths.

2. Carve out, using your sacred boundary knife, a few minutes of quality time.

Here’s why.

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