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The prayer of despair

New Year’s wishes of ease and grace to you!

A few days ago, on the cusp of our collective leap out into 2021, I shared some of The Only Prayers You Really Ever Need:







These are non-denominational prayers, of course. Prayers suited to the particular sensibilities of my fellow rebels and heathens.

I also promised to share each of those Five Prayers with you, in the forms of poems, paintings, dances, glances.

So here is highly-esteemed number one on the list: Help.

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My Five Favorite Prayers (non-denominational, ideal for rebels and heathens)

I’ve been trying to come up with something meaningful to share with you at the close of this deeply disturbing 2020 and the rise of a hopeful new year. Yet I’ve found myself quite silent.

However I want to be in some kind of useful touch, my friend.

So I figured prayers would be just the thing.

Non-denominational prayers, of course. Prayers suited to the particular sensibilities of my fellow rebels and heathens. Prayers in the forms of poems, paintings, dances, glances.

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Regardless of who lost the election, THIS won

I was scanning the news a while back, reading sound bytes from voters, explaining their support of Donald Trump. I was especially interested in one from a woman who shared that she supported Trump because she found him to be a “strong leader.”

A strong leader.

A strong leader?!?

A series of lights went on in my mind. I realized that the ways this woman defines strength and leadership are vastly different than how I define strength and leadership. Worlds apart. Universes apart.

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How to be happy/happier (especially this holiday season)

Here in the United States where I’m writing from, it is almost Thanksgiving.

It’s a holiday that is ideally about giving thanks. And about gathering with folks you love, to give thanks with.

However, because it’s an American holiday, and we love to mark our holidays by ingesting massive amounts of food and sweets, it is also about eating in one meal the amount you might ordinarily eat in a week. But I digress.

It’s ideally a happy, thanks-filled time of year, but for a lot of us, it’s not set up to bring us a lot of happiness. Perhaps quite the opposite.

I have something that I think will help. And bring more real sweetness and happiness to you.

It’s a short video, 5 minutes and 59 seconds, in which I walk you through the non-negotiable ingredient in joy. It’s titled, “How to be a happy woman.”

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What a goddess looks like

I’m getting old. As the mirror, endless Zoom video conferences, and my 9-year old son all like to remind me.

I’m going to turn 48 in a few weeks. And even though the life expectancy in my family is around 88, I’m still on the older side of middle age.

But must “old” be the incriminating label it is often meant to be?


Because this — at exactly this age, at precisely this weight, with every one of these gray hairs — is what a goddess looks like.

A few years after we worked together, I reached out to one of my former clients, Carey. I wanted to know how things were going for her in terms of what we had been working on — feeling comfortable in her own skin, powerful, whole, alive, and in touch with her sensuality.

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