Book Resources

To support your journey through Feminine Genius, I’ve created two goodies for you.

1.   My Book Resources Guide, a curated list of books and websites that have truly altered the course of my life.

Come enjoy the titles that I have on my own bookshelf and the website resources I use to support my own journey. Dive deeper into some of the edge-cutting perspectives and topics that I mentioned in the book — as well as some that were too rebellious to make it into the book!

2.   My Book Club Kit, so you can go through the book in the company of your fellow Feminine Geniuses.

It includes guidelines for creating and leading a group where everyone feels safe, welcome, and expressed; questions to help you suck the marrow out of the book, a Facebook thread where you can share your Book Club highlights, and of course — because no gathering is complete without snacks — some nibbles and drinks with a feminine flair.

Simply enter your name and email so I know where and to whom to deliver them, and I’ll speed them to you:



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