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How to clear the chatter & hear your inner voice?

Dear one,

I suspect we all want to clear the chatter so that we can hear our own inner voice of knowing.

This is important stuff.

Because we want to
be able to steer our lives
and to make the
intractable decisions in life
using the true north 
of our own knowing.

But as you know well, there are a LOT of inner voices. 

So which ones are we listening to?

And, how to distinguish the voices of mind chatter from the voices of inner knowing? 

And what if they don’t always show up as ‘voices’ but as feelings, impulses or visuals?

Ever been driving between towns or across state lines and the radio station you’ve been grooving on begins to blend with another radio station?  

Mind chatter can be like tuning into 13 blended radio stations at once. 

It’s yippy, and a mash-up. A little like a drug trip. Doesn’t stop to take a breath.  Might be useful for you or it might be a complete distraction. Might contain a piece of your truth or it might dump you into the roadside ditch of self-doubt. 

Honestly, it’s just hard to tell
when you are tuning into
13 blended radio stations at once.

I think “mind chatter” is what we hear (or sense) when we tune into what I call “Masculine Genius.” 

Masculine Genius is very wise in its way. It helps us do nifty things like advance civilization. Assemble iPhones. Make great graphs and pie charts. Navigate rush-hour traffic. Rock a heated debate. Analyze things, like investment risks and second date risks.  

I think our “inner knowing”
is what we hear (or sense)
when we tune into
what I call “Feminine Genius.” 

Feminine Genius is a whole other echelon of wise.

It connects us to raw creativity and fertile ideas that want to incarnate, through our bodies, into the world. It points out our blind spots and keep us looking at them until we find our way through them.

Your inner knowing
rings the bell of your truth. 

It helps you make impossible choices. Shows you visions so beautiful and huge you know it will take everything you’ve got to bring them into being. Slaps you on the ass. Lights a fire under said ass. Reminds you that your intuitive nudges are the answers to someone’s prayers, and that you are profoundly worthy and loved.

Ever been hiking on a high hill or mountain, and then over the clear, crisp breeze you hear a conversation that is impossibly far away but somehow crystalline clear to your ear?

Ever been out walking on the sultry summer streets and catch the deep, resonant bass of a song drifting out of a slow car passing by?

Ever had your attention captured by a billboard sign, a line from a book, a particular bird flying by and you just KNEW it was a message meant for you?

This is what your inner knowing sounds and feels and seems like. Clear and refined, yet deep and felt. Sometimes recognizable words and symbols, but often feelings that reverberate in your bones.  

Your inner knowing is buoyant, 
yet anchored by gravitas.

I’m getting all poetic on you, because your inner knowing is a sense that only you can sense. Your inner knowing has a unique signature for you, very different than anyone else’s. 

Connect with your inner knowing by sensing for it, feeling for it, by using the same sensing organs you use to take in poetry, a song, a sumptuous smell.

Here’s the thing.

Your inner knowing usually loads slower than mind chatter, requiring you to slow the F down in your life, to make space, to listen in, to sense, to feel, and to respect parts of you that you’ve gotten used to fearing and tried too long to conquer.

It’s good work.

Here’s the other thing.  

Your inner knowing is felt in your body, along with all the feelings you’ve gotten really good at not feeling.

Sensing your inner knowing requires you to be in your body, so that along with your inner knowing you also feel the stuff you’ve learned how to not feel.  

But you are now
strong enough,
supple enough,
to do this. 

In fact,
you were made for this.

Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Eventually you will feel safe in your skin.

Eventually it will come clear for you: mind chatter as distinct from your inner knowing.


I’ll walk you through a simple exercise that will connect you to your inner knowing, which in turn helps you know what is (and isn’t) right for you so you can make the small and large decisions that shape the rest of your life.

PPS: Photo by Wendy K Yalom Photography

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