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The work that can truly transform the intractable

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Welcome, dear one!

I am so glad you found your way here.

I’m LiYana Silver, author of Feminine Genius & Transformational Coach.

I help visionary, big-dreaming women* answer life’s biggest, most irresolvable questions the ones that define who you are and shape how you live your life.

Questions like, 

How do I …

  • Hear my own voice first?
  • Know when (if?) to leave the relationship?
  • NOT bring the same old patterns into a new relationship?
  • Figure out who I am (and what I want) after a breakup, breakdown, or divorce?
  • Decide whether or not to have a baby?
  • Live well with chronic (or sudden) health challenges?
  • Heal around my sexuality so I can feel freer in my body, life & bedroom?
  • Make an impact without having to act like a man?
  • Actually launch my business project (which I’ve been trying to do for months/years)?
  • Make this next (maybe last) chapter of my life meaningful and intentional?

I help you mine for gold in the hardest sh!t of life, and become the woman you’re meant to be.

  • This means getting out of self-doubt and into your Feminine Genius — a state of skill, confidence, and self-trust.
  • It means hearing your own voice, first – not the voices of everyone else. And then using it.
  • It means being on purpose and growing a career & body of work you’re passionate about.
  • It means developing the art of seeing the big picture and how so many of the expectations you’re shouldering are culturally-imposed … and then choosing carefully which ones are truly yours. 

So you can blaze remarkable trails in your work and life. 

So you can be who you are now, get clear on what you want now, and give what is yours to give to the world now.

And so you have what you need to lead a radically good life.

Doing this work together can truly change everything.

No more people pleasing.

No more feeling like your life doesn’t quite fit, or wondering how you got here. 

No more overwhelm, overgiving, over-working & over-thinking.

Instead, you’ll be able to navigate your precious life, relationships, and work with skill, integrity & JOY.

Like the Feminine Genius you are.

* I define ‘woman’ as someone who experiences misogyny — the devaluing of girls, women & traits marked as feminine.


This is for...

Women with a body of work or a business

For you, your work has been a source of self-actualization. And, at the same time, you want to do it differently.

Although you’ve succeeded,the status quo is limiting you. It has devalued your femininity and your identity. It has required you to mimic masculinity in order to belong and succeed.

Our work together will be about:

  • Shredding the scripts that squash your soul. Ditching the formulas that dumb down your work.
  • Inhabiting your Feminine Genius – and bring it to work with you, where it will probably end up being your #1 career asset.
  • Developing a better way to treat yourself, do your work, manage your team, market your message, make your money, and serve your folks.

And … this isn’t all about work. That’s part of the mistake you’re trying to correct! This is also about:

  • Attending to what’s going on IN YOU before you give what’s yours to give to the world OUT THERE.
  • Tending your soul and energy with exquisite care.
  • Developing new practices to support your dreams and nervous system.

So you can feel good in your own skin and be more of your most glorious self. You know: the woman you’re meant to be.

Women at a significant crossroads

Those HELL NO moments of reckoning that happen when you can’t/won’t/mustn’t move forward in the same status quo ways …

Admitting what you truly want and reaching for it … that’s when our work begins.

The crossroads can look like:

  • Knowing you are super capable and talented yet feeling haunted by what is possible for you in life that you haven’t yet realized - and needing to resolve the dissonance.
  • Grappling with leaving a relationship or an ill-fitting career … a new baby, an empty nest … entering your wisdom years.
  • Feeling like you are in a dark night of the soul. And needing the right guidance to move through it quicker and with more grace.
  • Reckoning with personal demons, toxic patterns, legacies of abuse - and wanting to alchemize and transform them.
  • Feeling angsty and even outraged at the conditions you’ve been tolerating and yet can sense/see/taste the breathtaking version of yourself and your life on the horizon.

Big life transitions – even agonizing ones – can be an opportunity for triumphant reinventions, like:

  • Building unflinching self-trust to discern your next right steps so you can intentionally create this next chapter of your life.
  • Getting OK with desiring more, putting yourself at the center of your life and acting like it matters. (It really matters).
  • Knowing yourself as an embodied, sensually-expressed woman … creating an ecstatic, exalted sex life … truly feeling and using your power.
  • Making the leap, launching the project, or actualizing the way of living that’s been laying low in your heart for too long.

You know it’s time to hear your own voice first — and use it. So you can be unshakably yourself.

My clients come to me because
what used to work, no longer works.

Now is the time to do it differently.

There is nothing more important than who you are and how you live your life.

It’s time to skill up, wise up, and rise up.    


What clients have to say



"For decades as a Vajrayana Buddhist Lama, I was devoted to my lineage, but also very aware that it was originally created by men, mainly for men. I was curious what would become possible if feminine energy, the body, sensuality, and pleasure were included as valid parts of my life and spiritual path. 

The change of orientation that this work brings, has changed everything for me. That’s not hyperbole. I do a lot of different kinds of personal growth work, so it’s not always easy to figure out what is actually helping. But in this case, I can. 

As I have been broke, overweight, depressed, even temporarily homeless, the work I did with LiYana helped me not just survive, but also to develop a loving relationship with myself and with life.

I no longer see myself as a project to fix. My work with clients is more fulfilling. I don’t make myself smaller around other women. I’m able to sit with my feelings instead of run from them or try to fix them right away. Ironically, I’m able to experience more pleasure and joy.

When I look at myself and my life through that lens, doing this work has been beyond worth it; it’s been priceless."

Shadi Mogadime

Spiritual Activism Coach | Toronto, Canada


"Working with the US military — an extremely male-dominated environment — it’s an understatement to say that I felt anxious and uncomfortable in my skin. I am a smart, accomplished woman but I had a constant stream of self-criticism telling me I was not ‘assertive’ or ‘masculine’ enough and unworthy of voicing my opinions.

Part of me doubted that the answer was Feminine Genius! But as I got more in tune with my feminine energy, everything started to shift in a non-scary, non-invasive way. I sit up taller, feel worthy of respect, and know my contributions are valuable, even under the pressure of reporting to top officials in the military.

And perhaps not surprisingly, I got an unexpected bonus and a raise, and was asked to lead an initiative for women’s leadership in my firm. I found my voice to leave a stifling relationship and courage to feel okay ‘alone.’ 

Six months ago, if you had told me this would be my life, I wouldn’t have believed it."

Allison Bondanza, PhD

Clinical Psychologist for the Department of Defense | Washington, D.C.


"To get everyone’s approval growing up, I tried to cut off the parts of myself that didn’t fit. I used to binge eat and drink under stress, partly because those cut-off parts of me were starving.

Instead of being a wild, crazy force, sabotaging my career and life, now those parts are amazing partners to me.  And fabulous sources of energy.  

The turning point was gaining access to a source of inner wisdom I didn’t know I had, that I now trust 100%.

I’m a better mom, wife, communicator. I’ve gotten clear on what programs to offer next to my clients. I make great choices. I have a sense of deep satisfaction with my life. I have far more strength and grit than I realized. 

I believe that I am whole … and from this, everything that I want and need can flow."

Kavita Arora, Esq.

Unconventional Business Strategist | Orange County, CA


"I wasn’t trusting myself. Old doubts and fears were paralyzing me in key moments. I was getting overwhelmed to the point of shut down. I felt desperate, frantic, that I’d never reach my goals & desires.

Investing in work with LiYana was a vitalizing love letter to self and soul, that I am worth it, I am important, and I matter. 

Those of us who teach and lead also need to be held strongly as we do our big work and dive deeper into who we are becoming. With LiYana, I was strongly held, fiercely encouraged, and unconditionally supported as I walked through the fire and reemerged with wings. 

The negative self destructive loops have turned way down. I feel solid. Centered in my unique soul purpose. I feel clear about my own definition of success. And I trust myself to get there. I know that the work I am committed to, matters. I know my presence makes a difference. 

Investing in myself in this way raised the bar. After almost giving up on finding a right-fitting life partner in my 40s, we will soon be welcoming a baby. I recognize myself again, I know my gifts, and I feel a sense of worthiness deep in my bones.

I know now that I not only have the capacity to fly, but I am destined to."

Tulasi Adeva

Somatic Therapist | Kauai, HI


"The clarity to leave my marriage. Then falling in epic love.  The courage to make my way through unbelievably difficult heartbreak, and then to know when the right time was for me to have a baby. Doubling then tripling my business while having energy left over for what’s next.

I spent so much of my life tied up in knots, not knowing what was right for me and what next steps to take. I know that my connection to and trust in ME is my anchor and the thing that makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me uncover. 

LiYana is pure genius. She’s my guru, and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner."

Nisha Moodley

Women’s Leadership Coach | Salt Spring Island, Canada


"I came into my work with LiYana so lonely, frustrated, and feeling like my life had no meaning. I had a really well-paid sales job which I “phoned in” most days. With every bite I took and every mile I ran I had a punishing relationship to my body.  

I desperately wanted to know what I am here on earth to contribute and yet I felt like I didn’t understand my passions, or even my likes.

I was hit with the huge realization that my perfectionism was acting against me. It was killing every idea I would come up with or attempt I would try to make.

I left my job and San Francisco to start my life. I made the leap and gave up control. 

I began teaching dance fitness classes and traveling. I fell madly in love with an amazing man. I’m no longer with him, but the internal shifts that allowed me to meet him and let him in, are permanently mine.

So what are those internal shifts? That the answers are in me. That I have choice about how I feel, moment to moment. That I know whether I want something — or not.

I know how to be kind to myself. I look in the mirror and I like what and who I see. I realized that my “purpose” is my happiness and my life is mine for the taking, imperfections and all."

Shelley Nielsen

Fitness-Instructor, Risk-Taker, Love-Maker, Booty-Shaker | Asheville, NC


"I looked at the way LiYana works — allowing versus forcing, trusting her internal navigation even when it isn’t easy, and still living a full, pleasurable life, the respect she garners from the people in the world who I admire the most — all of this had me say, ‘This woman walks her walk. Her life is congruent with what she teaches. I want what she’s got. Take me there.’

At the time, I was doing work that felt unfulfilling; I resented my clients, was annoyed with my workload, and struggled to make ends meet.

LiYana helped me get the pleasure and joy back into my work.

I now not only LOVE LOVE LOVE my business and the work I do, I make great money and am able to travel 30 weeks of the year enjoyably.

After our coaching or belief re-patterning work together, I rarely remember what I came to LiYana for, because the changes become so obvious and part of who I am that I forget there was a way before that.

Working with LiYana has been a game changer!"

Wendy K. Yalom

Personal Branding Photographer | San Francisco, CA


"I was frantically trying to build a successful business (and failing). I felt lost. I was suffering from not-enough-itis and had been approaching my life, relationships, and my business development from fear and lack. I was bleeding money as I kept investing in business solutions.  

I reached a tipping point where i realized I needed something else entirely. Enter … soul healing work with LiYana.

We unearthed deeply-seeded fears. I grew to truly honor myself as a woman who deserves to thrive in every area of my life. My “come-from” shifted from fear to the authentic essence of my deep desires.

I am aligned with my true purpose and my true self. I am able to shed obstacles left and right without regret or attachment. So many incredible business opportunities began flowing to me now, it was almost too much for me to handle. Almost 😉

So, when i say my Feminine Genius can create miracles, it’s no exaggeration. The amount of progress I made in a few months is equal to what might have take me years to come to on my own, if ever.

LiYana is the best at what she does, no kidding."

Gina Knepell

Transformational Coach | San Francisco

How I hold & see you

It is my joy to work together immersively and holistically.

Our work is more than a series of sessions.

I am by your side, thinking about you & connecting between sessions. Understanding the complexity of your life, history & identities. Figuring out the puzzle pieces that will bring you across the gap from where you are & where you desire to be.

We will transform more in our months together than is often possible over multiple years with other modalities.

  • First, I take the time to get to know you deeply your desires, goals & dreams … your patterns, challenges & stuck places … your background, identities, & personal history … and also your talents, gifts & unique superpowers.
  • Next, I help you build a strong connection to your inner knowing + inner guidance system. It’s there, no matter if you currently feel disconnected or mistrustful. And it has the unerring, uncanny power to point you to your best next steps.
  • We go on to stop any inner war and help you develop an aligned, kind relationship with yourself which is the foundation for feeling whole.
  • We will uncover and shift any fear, mistrust, contempt, or doubts you have about yourself, your body, abilities, or traits marked as feminine. All those things we've been told are wrong, bad, dangerous, or a disorder, are none of that. They are actually fucking GENIUS.
  • We will grow your audacity, self-appreciation and radical self-trust, so you have the courage to be yourself (in a world that always seems to require you to try to be someone else).

I know my way around The Dark. NOTHING you bring will make me flinch. 

  • Internally, my breakthrough methodology allow us to elegantly rewire self-limiting beliefs and free you from persistent patterns. 
  • Externally, you’ll get the bespoke skills, tools, and support you need to be the woman you are meant to be.
  • For over 20 years, I have been an interdisciplinary coach and teacher, artfully facilitating retreats and online classes, guiding both groups and individuals through deep transformation.
  • My work integrates my certification as a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP, Holistic Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher. I draw upon my training in childhood developmental psychology, emotional literacy, compassionate communication, human sexuality, body-based meditation, and somatic trauma resolution, as well as my first career as a contemporary dancer, performing in 6 countries on 3 continents over 10 years.
  • Some of the most powerful praise I received is from a colleague who told me I had earned her respect because I am “willing to burn in the fire of my own medicine.”

Our work together


Intimate 1:1 sessions & individualized support for 6 or 12 months of my seasoned expertise, loving attention, breakthrough methodology, and steadfast support.

Because we immerse deeply and holistically, and because I think about you and support you between our live sessions, I can only work with a handful of clients at any given time.

The first session is a 2-hour deep dive, where we map out your transformational journey from where you are to all you want to become.

In order to do extraordinary work, I want to know the whole of you … not just your roadblocks, persistent patterns, limiting beliefs, goals, and desires — all of that, yes! — but also your unique history, family background, wounds, gifts, and life journey.

After that, we meet twice a month for up to 85 minutes per session.

Sometimes we’ll be doing breakthrough-style Belief Re-Patterning sessions (internal rewiring) and other times coaching (actions, practices & strategy).

Belief Re-Patterning allows us to work with the unconscious parts of you, shifting the invisible patterns that create stuckness, pain & confusion. These changes ripple naturally and elegantly into your conscious life.

Coaching allows us to work with the conscious parts of you, actualizing in your external world the changes you've made internally. These actions, practices & strategies in turn reach back into your unconscious, creating a loop of self-trust & momentum.

If a shorter session does the trick, great. Otherwise, we’ll luxuriate in our 85 minutes.

Clients report that more transforms for them through our work than has in months or even years with other modalities.

Hand-curated resources to activate your Feminine Genius life-force energy. These come in the form of exercises, materials, and supplemental training classes specific to your journey.

Support between sessions via Voxer, text, or email. Pick your fav app, and we’ll stay connected if you’d like - with a 24-hour response time in the workweek.

Access to all my online classes, including Feminine Genius At Work, Mining For Gold in a Dark Night of the Soul, and Embodiment Meditations.

Optional Membership in The Deep End, my online community, where you’ll be immediately welcomed to an intimate group of women, have access to an extensive library of masterclasses, and can join our monthly Q+A/group coaching calls (with me) for some extra, community-infused magic.


Your Next Steps

  1. Pick your option and place your deposit. 
  2. You’ll then be prompted to fill out your pre-session Goals & Desires form + book your first sessions. 
  3. We’ll get started changing everything!

Special payment plans available, please ask.

Scholarships often available. Women of Color to the front of the line. Let me know if this is you.

If you would like to have time to talk before getting started with our work, you can book a gratis 30-minute session together


Where you are headed…

It’s a magnificent version of yourself, your work & your life.

Anchored in your wisdom, lit by your inner fire, and living your life like the blazingly powerful woman you truly are.

Let’s take you there.

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