When you are dreaming and desiring into a newness — either because it’s a ‘new year’ or because you’re simply in creative, generative mode — I have something delicious (and free) for you ...



How Feminine Genius Attracts & Magnetizes Delicious Desires

Conjuring is a short class (video/audio) in which you’ll choose a desire that’s meaningful for you. I’ll then walk you through one of my favorite practices for bringing that new thing into being, using the power of somatization, feeling, and body-based envisioning.


Conjuring is my gift to you — in thanks for being with me here in my inner circle, and also for insisting on creating yourself and your life in ways that defy what most say is possible or practical or prudent. 

We wonderful way-makers need each other!

Some wonderful things that got conjured in the past:

  • A right-fitting, well-matched lover
  • A thrilling, decadent, adventurous and joyful vacation — under-budget
  • A spacious, relaxed way of being (especially around money)
  • Blissful feelings in the body (instead of chronic pain)
  • Test results confirming being clear of endometriosis
  • Birthing a new business

Conjuring is a potent life skill.

It trains you how to put your attention on what you desire in a delicious way, with pleasure — so that you feel, “I GET to manifest this and it feels yummy as I do” rather than feeling the usual pressure, discipline, and resoluteness of goal-setting, “How will I figure this out/strive to make this happen?”

And Conjuring further acquaints you with your Feminine Genius powers of feeling, pleasure, intuition, and magnetization — and how badass and powerful they are.

I’m glad to share this with you!



With delight,


Move through life’s hardest sh!t & become who you’re meant to be

PS: Please note that Conjuring things operates in ‘Divine Time’ which is usually a lot slower or quicker than we are comfortable with. 

So whether I hear back from you right away, in a few weeks, or in many months, do let me know what you’re conjuring, how it feels to conjure it, and eventually, how it actualizes in your life!

Contact me & tell me about your conjuring




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