Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

do you REALLY know what you want?

(warm warning:  story first.  skip to the video if you wish.)

there once was an esteemed, learned scholar who went on a long expedition over the sea.  at one point in his journey, he came across a small, beautiful island, on which lived three holy women.  the scholar was curious to learn their ways, and so one evening around the camp fire, he asked them, “how do you pray?”  

the women were still for a moment and then answered, “it’s pretty simple.  we put a hand on our bellies, we listen, and we say, ‘i am here.  here i am.”

“how do YOU pray?” the three wise holy women asked the scholar.

the scholar proceeded to expound on the many different methods of prayer he had studied through his life and journeys.  he got out books, he described, he drew diagrams and he explained, for hours and hours and hours.  

when the night finally started to give way to the first signs of dawn, the scholar was at last done and it was time for him to leave.  as his boat left the island, he saw a strange, glowing light off in the distance, which got closer and closer and closer.

eventually, the scholar saw that the glowing was actually the three holy women, their feet skimming over the water, chasing after his boat.

“wait, wait!”  they said, “we were about to pray and we realized you forgot what you told us!”


for most of my life, i thought that there was some great grand board-room in the sky, some universal validating body, and if i somehow did enough of the “right” stuff, i’d get a stamp of approval from said universal validating body and then i’d … what? 

feel valid.  feel beautiful.  feel confident.  feel powerful and sexy.  feel like my life had begun and i’d arrived squarely in it.  

from birth, girls are groomed to live through the eyes of others.  we learn, either because we are told directly, or because we deduce from magazines, moms, or the media, that it matters more what others think we should do and say, than what WE think we should do and say.

so, when someone asks you what you want, or you ask yourself, “what do i truly desire?  i mean, in my heart of hearts, body of bodies, soul of souls, what do i want?  what do i ache for?  what does my soul crave?”  

how do you know if the answers you hear are coming from what you THINK you should want, what you’ve been GROOMED to want, or what you REALLY want?

it can be agonizing to not know if you are hearing the voice of your deepest intuition and highest wisest guidance or the voice of fear and doubt.

but listen.

you can Know.

you already do.

there are no books, descriptions, diagrams or explanations you need to study for hour and hours and hours to know what you want, to reach the molten core of your red hot desires.

what you want is sacrament.
your hunger is holy.
your desires are the prayer.

the deepest desires of your heart and body will lead you in to the life you were born to live.  they will require you to become the woman you are aching to become.

there is a way to Ask. to Listen. to Know. and then to Follow the divine guidance you hear.

and if you’ve got 5 minutes and 40 seconds, i’ll show you how (or at least my favorite way).

5:40 is how long the video is, where i walk you through how to get clear about what you want and learn what i call GeniusSpeak, the mother tongue of your sexy, wise woman’s body.

this is the first video in a series of five that are my gift to you as part of my celebration of my new website,

(she’s a beaut! check her out!)

i DO have an ask of you, however.

when you’ve watched the video and tried the exercise where you’ll hear your body’s intelligence, tell me, in the comments what you heard. tell me how YOU pray.

i’ll be looking for you in the comments below the video.


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