Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

my all-time favorite new year’s ritual

every year, right around now, my husband and i do a powerful ritual to transition well from one year into the next.

you don’t need anything for it but a piece of paper and pen, but you are welcome to embellish with ritual features like wands, charms, chants, sweat-lodges, full-moons, incantations, cauldrons or locks of hair.

so, happy, happy new year to you – and if you celebrate your “new year” transition at a different time, this will still be a powerful process.

simply answer the following …

1. what are your highlights from 2014?

search the nooks and crannies of your year for sparkling moments, diamonds in the rough, learnings, lessons, gifts and places your heart expanded.

gratitude: the most powerful place to start any visioning.

a few of mine:  transforming my alarmingly painful health issues into the most healthy, vibrant  and clear i’ve felt in five years.  being deeply immersed in book-writing process.  watching the women in my mentorship program shape-shift into soft, strong, feminine leaders and super heroines.  my husband taking on eating well and exercise in what we playfully called “project underwear model.”  it worked.  spectacularly.  wow.

2. what are you leaving behind from 2014?

pick an experience or way of being that you’re done with and no longer serves you.  

got the lesson; no need to repeat that one, thank you!

mine:  hesitation.

3. what are you carrying with you from 2014 in to 2015?

what trait, ability or belief about yourself served you so well that it will make a great companion into the new year?

that something important to help you bridge last year into next.

mine:  inner knowing.  aka body wisdom.

4. what is one experience or way of being you are stepping into in 2015? 

what’s new that you want more of?  what inspires you enough to stride headlong into another wild year?

mine:  range.  higher highs, and lower lows, if they’re needed.  the ability to walk surely in the dark and more intensely in the light.  bring it. 

5. what is one thing you can set in motion in the first month of 2015?

pick one.  do it later today or put it in your planner for next week.  nail that squirmy sucker to the wall and then run into its waiting arms.

mine: i’ve already noticed myself speaking, acting and thinking without hesitation.  and sometimes it takes me a moment to contact my inner knowing aka body wisdom before speaking, acting or thinking, but waiting is different than hesitation.  bam.

if you really want to get into this whole ritual,  you can ask question #4 of all the areas of your life, like health/food/body, community/friends, family, spirituality, self-love, work/career/contribution, sex/love/intimacy, relationships, etc.

i do.  😉

i suggest keeping your writings and then next year, at the cusp of one year shedding it’s skin to give way to a new one, you pull out what you wrote, see what took shape and again, vision for your next trip ‘round the sun.

welcome to 2015,

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