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Why you might feel alone, sorta alien, like very few people get you, and there’s got to be something more than this

Chances are, you are part of the 11%. I’ll explain.

If you feel alone, sorta alien, like very few people get you, and there’s got to be something more than this … if you’ve felt lately or even much of your life like an outsider, an outlier, or the black sheep in your family, culture, friend group … if you’ve felt that you have different priorities and have wondered if you are seeing a different world than those around you … I made this video for you:

When I first learned this, I felt instant relief and clarity.

I think it will really help make some sense of this experience that has certainly been mine, and is also most of my clients’ and friends’ experience as well.

Chances are that in many ways you ARE a bit of an alien/outlier. 

And that’s not bad news, even though I know it’s a tender and confusing experience.

What you are called to, how you see things, and what is deeply meaningful to you, is vastly different than a good ¾ of humanity.

Your pull toward wisdom and depth … toward integrating body, mind, and soul … toward transformation and embodiment … toward understanding the far reaches of your humanity … toward accessing not just your intellectual intelligence but your intuitive, somatic, and emotional intelligence as well … toward lifting the veils of illusion and peering behind them … this pull is not shared by a huge majority of humanity.

11% of people is not very many people!

And yet, my friend, there are plenty of us. 

You may not have found yourself in communities made up of these kinds of folx yet, but we are here, there are plenty of us, and we can’t wait to welcome you.

One such community is the group of up to 11 women that are currently coalescing for my Embodiment Experience 2022 mentorship program. 

With one:one sessions, in-person retreats, online masterclasses, and my undivided attention, Woman: The Embodiment Experience is a 6-month immersion devoted to your becoming a deeply embodied, sensually-alive, self-trusting woman.

Saying what you once silenced. Feeling what you once buried. Knowing what you once doubted. Confident where you once collapsed. Comfortable in the body you once disowned. Owning what you once apologized for. Moving, building, and creating where you once froze.

Living your life like the wise, blazingly powerful being you truly are.

Learn more and apply.

If you feel the pull, it will be my honor to welcome you to this group, led by me and made up of a circle of brave, extraordinary womxn, all from the 11% of alien outlier veil-lifting wisdom seekers.

To your embodiment,

PS: Partial scholarships are available. Womxn of Color to the front of the line. Let me know if this is you.

PPS: If you do Facebook, come share how the video landed for you. I’d love that.

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