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Feel like a horse? Buffalo? Cow? [Feeling Better tips]

Feelings, dear one, feelings …

I’ve got more Feeling Better Tips for you!

They are all based on the idea that if we want to feel better, we’ve got to get better at feelings.

In this next set of Feeling Better Tips, I’ll share with you how to deal with emotional ‘storms’ and what ‘medicine’ horses, buffalo, and cow have for us that help us feel better.

Watch them here:

Here’s what’s in the next set of video tips:

In Feeling Better Tip #2, I share that each emotion (fear, anger, grief, etc) is made up of two components: sensation and story.

Both are important, they just require different tools and mindsets.

It’s good to know how to work with the sensations of the feeling — whether it’s fiery, icey, leaden, or foggy — so we don’t automatically check out, numb out, or lash out.

In Feeling Better Tips #2, #3, and #4, I share a few different ways to work with the ‘storm’ of sensations that accompany any emotion.

I’ll share with you how to not perish from feelings (it sure feels like we might, sometimes!), and also how to stay grounded in a storm of feeling, based on how cows, buffalo, and horses do it with real wind-and-rain storms.

Working with the sensations part of emotions is badass work. It requires much courage to head into a storm of feeling, even whilst feeling we might not make it out alive from those feelings! (You will, I promise).

So, please enjoy these Feeling Better tips, badass First name / friend.

And please do me a favor as you you watch them: 

  1. Share them with someone.
  2. Email me back and tell me how they are useful.

Things like that make me, well, feel better!

With all the feels,

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