Nisha Moodley

how do you live, love & lead from "the feminine?"

"i continuously exhale into my pace.  there's a river that runs through me and when i can connect to the ever-changing-yet-distinct pace of that river, i'm in my feminine flow.  i trust that from that place, my decisions – about business, relationships, you name it – are good, wise, grounded decisions.  when i make space for my pace, i am clear, committed, confident & courageous.

i believe that in the new paradigm of feminine leadership, we teach more by how we're being than what we're saying.  for myself, leading from the feminine requires me to create an inner and outer world for myself that i would be proud for anyone to witness.  it's gorgeous self-care, deep self-love, devotion to my desires and attention on alignment.  if i'm not living what i teach, i'm teaching (and living) from a lie."

an important dark night of your soul, and what it made possible for you?

"the first one that comes to mind is the most epic heartbreak of my life.  i was crushed. completely, absolutely, helplessly crushed.  it happened less than a week before a launch that coincided with my birthday, and i was so deep in my despair that i could barely breathe through the tears at times.  i managed to navigate it all while being fully present – sob on a girlfriend's lap for an hour, eat soup, work for an hour, repeat.  i rode the big, big waves of emotion, took beautiful care of myself and launched on time.  i learned 3 huge things:

1. i am one resilient chick.  i was courageous enough to feel it all, crumble to pieces, and pick myself up again, better than before.  i learned what i was made of.

2. good girlfriends love you so much that they are totally willing – even wanting – to hold you while you crumble.  i learned that it is my sacred duty to reach out when i'm in the depths of it, to receive that love.

3. when a heart is broken, it breaks open and is bigger, stronger and more courageous than ever…  if you let it.  i learned to surf."

your beliefs that are behind your brilliance:

"the world will be set free by women who are free, and sisterhood is the key.

all people are good and doing their best.

life is a wonderful, beautiful gift (even the 'bad' stuff).

the more open a heart is, the better life will be."

the world you see possible that others may or may not see:

"i see a world where women see one another's desires as good and valid, whatever they may be, and support one another in the realization of these desires.  when our sisters hold our desires as 'right' – whether they are to start a multi-billion dollar company or be a stay-at-home mama – it opens up a space for us to desire bigger and brighter than ever before."