KC Baker

how do you live, love & lead from "the feminine?"

"i dance.  a lot.  by myself at home and out in nature.  at events and parties.  i get a good deal of inner guidance and some really awesome ideas when i dance.  opening to the flow of creativity and beauty that moves through my whole body when i dance has been a deep aspect my path, my evolution and my connection to divinity.

i spend a lot of time in nature.  i pray in nature.  i pray to nature.  my prayers are often songs.  this practice opens my heart and brings me a great deal of joy and satisfaction.

i love my body.  i take great care of it.  i love adorning myself.  my body is my temple as well as my favorite canvas with which to make art.

i love to feel pleasure in my body.  i let myself cry and get pissed and feel afraid.  allowing this has been a real journey because i have had to navigate a great deal of shame around my body and my true feelings.

i relish being with my girlfriends.

i love breastfeeding my baby and caring for my baby.  i love soothing my baby.

i am devoted to living with an open, loving heart and to being a source of love and light for my family, my friends and the world.  that doesn't mean that i am that way all the time.  sometimes i am pissy and stressed and fearful, and it can be hard to be around me!  but i am constantly in quest of what my deepest truth is, and i find that process continues to unveil my heart.

my work and leadership arises from love.

i feel a deep well of compassion for the struggle many women go through in feeling held back in sharing what they have to say with the world.

i have been there.  and i have come through to the other side.

so, i know that suffering deeply, and my work stems from a love and reverence for every woman who longs to free her voice and to contribute to our world.

i also feel a deep love for our planet.  i love living here and i truly believe it is possible for us to live and love and work and create here while simultaneously taking care of the well being of our earth and of one another.  i know in my bones women's ideas and wisdom will help us learn how to do this as a species.

and so, i lead by standing up and proclaiming my love for our world and what i believe is possible for us.  i lead by serving women of wisdom in getting out there and doing the same with their own messages.

i am continually navigating layers of self doubt and fear of rejection, but it's my commitment to this loving and this vision for our world that keep me in action."

your beliefs that are behind your brilliance:

"i work for the planet.

women's wisdom, creativity and ideas will support humanity in addressing and solving the great challenges of our times.

i was born to do this work.

what i have to say matters.

my ideas are valuable.

i can do this."