Wendy K Yalom

how do you live, love & lead from "the feminine?"

"i have a daily body practice, yoga, dance or walking.  i wear clothing that i find beautiful and pleasurable to be seen in.  and, i share my feminine radiance as often as possible, both in how i adorn my body and through my physicality, the glow of my smile or the pleasure of my eye gaze.

for me, loving from the feminine is to love without expectation or assumption or strategy.  i practice 'loving with my head and thinking with my heart.'  i am in constant curiosity of how i can open another to the present moment and open them to love.

if i was to receive a medal for living life from the feminine, i would want it to be for a moment when i feel despair, sadness and hurt and i surrender instantly and effortlessly to it, knowing this too is god.

i lead from the feminine by trusting that my desires and dreams are born of a future that is freer than the current one.  it is as much my privilege as it is my responsibility to lead others to believe in and participate in my vision."

an important dark night of your soul, and what it made possible for you?

"i recently had a devastating wtf kind of heartbreak that left me feeling hopeless, lost and so, so sad.  i felt it, really felt it.  then, i got curious and asked, 'how could this too be god? how can i transmute this here now to be recognizable as love?'  i took all the energy and grief and transmuted it into poetry.  somehow stepping into the beauty and brilliance of the poem itself gave beautiful dimension to the heartbreak.  it turned it from, 'why is this happening to me?' to, 'wow, this is happening to me!'

i'm having a love affair
with god.
typically he serenades me with beauty
brilliance and
joy knowing exactly
what combination sings open my heart
but recently he penetrated me with despair
shot me up with hopelessness left me with longing
brought his mouth to
my ear, his hands held tight to my face and whispered try loving me now.
then kissed me passionately on the lips.
i'm having a love affair with god.
it's not always easy
but i'm a far greater woman for each truthful moment of it."

your beliefs that are behind your brilliance:

"when we are rooted in the knowing that 'we belong,' anything is possible.

my default way of being is a state of effortless delight and joy.

this too is god."