“… doubling, then tripling my business while having energy left for what’s next.”

"the clarity to leave my marriage.  then falling in epic love with a brilliant, generous and sexy man who treats me like i’m the only woman in the world.  doubling then tripling my business while having energy left over for what’s next.

i know that my connection to and trust in me is my anchor and the thing that makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me uncover.  LiYana is pure Feminine Genius.  she’s my love guru, and i’m not into gurus.  she’s that good.  get her in your corner."

“even after 18 years of marriage, my heart is bursting with love and it grows everyday.”

"LiYana taught me how to get in touch with my desires, express them, and receive them.  she taught me to embody yes, to make each moment more pleasurable than the last … and probably the most profound of her masterful skills as a coach, to artfully dance with fears and limiting beliefs until it felt safe and okay to be a fully embodied miracle-making ecstatic woman, even as the main “breadwinner” for my family.

when i didn’t measure up to my own very high standards in making money, as a mother, as a friend, or as a partner (and it was rare to actually measure up), i would punish myself by denying myself anything fun or pleasurable.  i was often a “ wall of no,” as my husband liked to call it.

the changes happened faster than i ever imagined they could.  even after 18 years of marriage, my heart is bursting with love and it grows everyday."

“i looked at the way LiYana succeeds in life and business in a way that is inherently feminine and i said, ‘i want what she’s got.  take me there.'”

"i looked at LiYana’s stunning home life … the way she succeeds in her business in a way that is inherently feminine: continuing to move forward, but always allowing versus forcing …  the kind of quality of respect that she garners from the people in the world who I admire the most …  all of this had me say, 'this woman walks her walk.  her life is congruent with what she teaches.  i want what she’s got.  take me there.'

after our coaching or belief re-patterning work together, i rarely remember what i came to LiYana for, because the changes become so obvious and part of who i am that i forget there was a way before that.

whereas before i hated my career, i was chronically exhausted and i was resenting my clients and about to give up photography altogether, now it’s like the opportunities seek me out.  my business has easily tripled and my work has become, on bad days, a great pleasure and on good days, an ecstatic expression of my greatest contribution."

“i feel comfortable in my skin, celebrating who i am, rather than trying to fix, fade, change or modify it.”

"i had hidden away a huge part of myself – call it creative life-force, sensuality or inner guidance.  (i call it all of those!)  i thank LiYana for being a huge part of helping me thaw.

i have access to guidance that blows me away every time I hear it and follow it.  i channel it into my business that has doubled in size each year.  it has helped me leave a wrong-fitting relationship and create a beautiful engagement with a man i am clear is my life partner.  i always knew I had this kind of power, but it would come and go, and now i have complete access to it, and can reconnect easily when i fall off my feminine juju wagon."

“in 6 months, LiYana helped me transform things that i have been working on in other growth and development programs for 10+ years.”

"i thought i had to do it all and that if i had too much pleasure, everything would fall apart.  i had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business, keeping on my son’s nap schedule and making sure that the to-do list was handled, but my inability to enjoying pleasure for pleasure’s sake was causing fights and resentments in my marriage, and i desperately wanted freedom with it.

in the past, i’ve invested in business programs without much of a thought, but when it came to working with LiYana and investing in my feminine power, i almost could not see the value.  but thank goodness i listened to my intuition!

LiYana is a master coach, always guiding me find clarity and calm within myself.

i understand more fully what it means to be a woman, to have constantly changing emotions, hormones, and cycles.  i discovered that i need spaciousness in my life to feel sexy and crave love-making.  i am now consciously creating my business and my life to leave space for Angelina to fill up so that i have more to give my husband, my son and my clients.

i now know that my marriage will last — where as before I was secretly worried.  the biz isn’t falling apart, it’s actually going more smoothly.  i know now that nothing is – or ever was – wrong with me.  i was just too busy to listen to my body.

everything i was searching for, i have found within me.  i am home."