“i am now a complete human being and no longer seek others to fill a void within myself.”

"LiYana is a fu*king rock star!  and i do not say that lightly.

at an early age, i had learned that the feminine parts of myself were weak and to be considered strong and worthy, i needed to be more like a man.  now i know what it feels like to derive my strength from my feminine power and.  i.  love.  it.  watch out world!

when i began mentoring with LiYana, i was at a place in my life where i was experiencing so much anxiety it felt like a victory every time i left the house.  i had isolated myself from my friends, my family, and the world in general.  i used to resist feeling my unpleasant emotions.  especially in front of anyone.

i used to believe that i always had to be the best parts of myself at all times around other people.  now i have stepped into the experience of feeling my full spectrum of emotions with pleasure.  yes, with pleasure.  even when i am sad, i feel the joy in feeling my sadness.  i feel the joy in everything i do.  i feel safe being vulnerable around others and in fact, i now crave it.  it feels so delicious to be seen by others.  i gladly let my light shine brightly and my shadows roam freely with no self judgment.  i realize my needs and desires are what fuel my light and that shining that light is the best thing i can do for myself as well as for others.

i am now seeing in myself what others have seen in me for years.  turns out, life isn’t so scary after all.  i no longer feel anxious about the future.  i have finally learned what it feels like to be truly happy.  that alone made the whole investment worth it."