“i’m no longer obsessing how to heal my past wounds, find the perfect partner, or become a success.  i am whole, i am happy, i am healed.”

"i first encountered LiYana while i working as a health coach and starting a masters of acupuncture, raising my daughter as a single mother and healing from a dark period in my past.  i cannot imagine being the woman and mother i am today without the miracle of LiYana’s masterful coaching helping me transform how i see and carry my life stories.

when i began our work, i was in a relationship with a man who i thought was my knight in shinning armor.  and yet, our great sex life was dwindling and i felt so physically terrible after every encounter that i thought i was beginning menopause.  i had no time for play, felt un-aroused by life and that my essence as a juicy, playful woman was on hold.

and then i discovered he had been involved with someone else our whole relationship.  what i thought was menopause and my own shortcomings i realized was my Feminine Genius and internal guidance telling me, 'Jen, there is no juice in this relationship.'  i chose to gracefully let the relationship go, realizing it wasn’t juicy enough for me.  for the first time in my life, i didn’t feel horrible when a relationship ended (and still don’t nearly two years later), because i came to know my body is wise, and i am tuned-in, sexy and savvy.

i came in thinking i needed help and i needed to change.  i left having been seen – powerfully seen – by a magical group of women and LiYana’s beautiful leadership.  what i thought were some of the most painful, harsh and unfair events of my childhood were actually the doorways to myself as a blessed, fully passionate and innocent woman.

today i live and love like never ever before.  today i am woman.  period.

i roar, i cry, i laugh and i play.  i stumble and feel crumbled in the dark and i am naked and beautiful under the sun.  money cannot buy the life-transformation that i got with LiYana."