“i formed a new relationship with this super sweet, passionate, gentle, powerful body of mine.  She is a powerful guide!  She knows!  i must only listen, and listening i am.”

"i sit here today, nearly two years after first meeting LiYana, and can say honestly for the first time that i love my life!

i have been connected to my joyful purpose, ended (or adjusted) relationships that no longer serve me, fearlessly pursued that which makes my heart/mind/body come alive, enjoy (rather than endure) my workday, had countless magical encounters, and have laughed and giggled more than the past five years combined.

the investment i made in me and this sweet, gorgeous, yummy life of mine was sooooooooo worth it!

for most of my life, i felt a disturbing level of numbness in my body and resultantly in my life.  my life was fine and good, but felt incomplete, unsatisfied, itchy and impatient.  despite having the partner, the house, the community, the stuff, the career…  i felt out of alignment with my own life and nothing that i was engaged in seemed to produce the shift i was calling for.

LiYana helped me to start listening to myself with such grace and love and ease that i had the room to do my work in a way that really honored me.

i also was so moved by the way in which LiYana shared herself, her life, her journey, her light and her dark so openly, as an offering to her fellow sisters on this path of opening.

whereas i used to feel that i had to control myself, my life and everyone in it, i have a sense of partnership with this life now.  we are in cahoots!"