“LiYana is the best at what she does, no kidding.  as a coach myself, i profoundly up-leveled my own coaching through the deep work we did together.”

"i was frantically trying to build a successful business (and failing).  i felt lost. i was suffering from not-enough-itis and had been approaching my life, my relationships, and my business development from fear and lack. my confidence was fleeting, at best, and i was bleeding money, as i kept investing in business solutions.  i reached a tipping point where i realized i needed something else entirely.  enter … soul healing work with LiYana.

we unearthed deeply-seeded fears.  i grew to truly honor myself as a woman who deserves to thrive in every area of my life.  what feels truly miraculous is that my “come-from” shifted from fear and began to rise up from the authentic essence of my deep desires.

i am more aligned with my true purpose, my true self and am shedding perceived obstacles left and right without regret or attachment.  effectively, in the last few months, i have received job offers for a vp position from two different organizations as well as speaking and teaching invitations to extend my reach to half a million people.  i now have so many incredible business opportunities flowing in to me now, it’s almost too much for me to handle.  almost 😉

so, when i say my Feminine Genius can create miracles, it’s no joke.  it’s no exaggeration.  the amount of progress i made in a few months is equal to what might have take me years to come to on my own, if ever."