“i know now that i am powerful, i am wise, i am love, i am intuition, i am precious … and that all that has ailed me, heals.”

"while finishing my dissertation, working to heal from a very, very dark past and starting my coaching practice, i felt doomed that things would never really work out for me.  i didn’t trust my intuition.  i felt anxious and insecure about opening up, speaking my voice or sharing my wisdom.  i felt deep mistrust for the feminine, in the world, other women and in myself.

through LiYana’s absolute loving presence and mentorship, i came into my own.

i feel such reverence and respect for the feminine now.  i know what it means to be an empowered woman and feel much more free expressing myself, owning my innate feminine wisdom and loving myself in rough times.

whereas before i didn’t trust women friends, now i have loving, connected, empowered and supporting relationships with women that feels like sisters.  this is a deep healing for me, that there is support to shine in the world.

my capacity to experience pleasure, connection, love and goodness in my life has increased a thousandfold, and continues to increase.  i look at myself living my day-to-day life now and, compared to how i was in relationships and life even three years ago, i don’t even recognize myself.

there is no way to put a price on healing the wounded feminine within the heart, soul, mind and body of a woman."