“i looked at the way LiYana succeeds in life and business in a way that is inherently feminine and i said, ‘i want what she’s got.  take me there.'”

"i looked at LiYana’s stunning home life … the way she succeeds in her business in a way that is inherently feminine: continuing to move forward, but always allowing versus forcing …  the kind of quality of respect that she garners from the people in the world who I admire the most …  all of this had me say, 'this woman walks her walk.  her life is congruent with what she teaches.  i want what she’s got.  take me there.'

after our coaching or belief re-patterning work together, i rarely remember what i came to LiYana for, because the changes become so obvious and part of who i am that i forget there was a way before that.

whereas before i hated my career, i was chronically exhausted and i was resenting my clients and about to give up photography altogether, now it’s like the opportunities seek me out.  my business has easily tripled and my work has become, on bad days, a great pleasure and on good days, an ecstatic expression of my greatest contribution."