“my entire life i struggled to see my beauty.  the love i have for myself after working with LiYana is priceless.”

"i was reeeeeeally hard on myself all the time.  my inner voices were pretty cruel, i was jealous, scared of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone.  i wanted to face and embrace these fears, to know and love me more, and show up authentically in my new, beautiful, heart-expanding relationship.  deep down i knew i could have a deeper connection to my inner knowing, my desires and my feminine body – but i didn’t know how.

LiYana’s thoughtful, spacious, loving attention impacted me the most.  i could feel her with me, at my side, as a sister and guide – gentle, yet firmly resolved to show me the way to back to me.

i know myself as a woman now … this may sound strange from an outsider’s perspective.  but because i devoted myself to connecting with my feminine source, i no longer operate from a place of fear.  i channel joy and love through me to serve the world.  i know now that work and success do not have to be stressful.  and i feel safe to love and be loved in a way that before i didn’t know was even possible."