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how i choose my mentors

it’s here.  it’s time.

the doors of my beloved mentorship program, Meant To Be: The Mastermind are open!

it would be my joy and honor to receive your application for this program-of-my-heart.

if you would like to know (feel) more about it, i invite you to come read through and see for yourself

the world suffers when a woman’s inner light dims, and it is my work — and the work of this mentorship program — to help your turn yours back ON.

look: there is something important and distinct that is asking (pleading) to be lived as you, to be brought into the world through you.

the world needs you, as your most lit up, turned on, embodied you.

this is the work i was born to do.

we will spend the next six months together, where you will source your Inner Guidance, get in communion with your deepest desires, become comfortable in your body and with your sensuality, prepare for epic love, transform jealousy of other women, shift painful patterns that have been running your life for your whole life, and learn how to put your meaningful work into the world without burning out (or feeling hypocritical).

we will do this through deep one:one work, in powerful small group sessions with other incredible women, via two in-person retreats in radical and loving San Francisco, alongside a small group of guest luminaries (MY mentors) and in virtual classes where you’ll learn and practice the counter-intuitive practices that tap you into what i call your Feminine Genius (and have you FLOURISH in a world that will just as easily grind your soul to dust).

here’s how it goes:

you’ll fill out an application (your answers are held in the most pristine confidence, of course). 

this is so we can both see if we are a fit.  from my end, i need to know what you most want, the woman you are aching to become, your road blocks and what gets in your way.

i need to fully grasp what you want to get out of the program and from our work together.  i need to be able to say, without doubt, that i can offer you all of that and more.  and, i need to be able to feel into you, keenly, so that i can begin to see what’s possible for you, beyond what you might even know if possible for yourself yet.

from your end, you need to feel that i am the right mentor and guide for you, and that this program was custom-created for you.

and then, if it’s looking like we’re a fit, we’ll get on the phone or Skype and have a mutual interview.  we will go deeper and broader into your application, get all your questions answered, you’ll get a felt sense of how i work, and we’ll go through how exactly the mentorship program will meet your goals and desires, including the investment.

i purposely call this a “mentorship” program.

i use the term “mentor” different than i would “teacher” or “coach” or “guru” or “master,” even though often a mentor will teach you great stuff, coach you into your brilliance (or off a ledge) and dazzle you with their masterful prowess.

to give you a sense of why i chose that term for myself and this program, i will share with you what criteria and measuring sticks i use to pick my own mentors.

i am very picky about who i learn from.

i am extremely discerning about who i will let into my heart, influence my energy and care for the well-being of my psyche while they help me transform into the next version of the woman i was born to be.

as my mentor, he or she must:

1.  NOT be looking for followers or devotees.

if she is overtly (or subtly) asking me to leave as aspect of my own truth at the door, she is the wrong fit for me.

she must be committed to connecting me, reuniting me and/or marrying me to my own Knowing to an even greater degree than i have ever known.

2.  feel great to be around.

even if “around” only means phone calls, emails and a few photos and never face to face, you can still “feel” someone’s energy and true intention.

when i feel more myself around her, when i can think clearer, when i like myself more (really!), when i am articulate, when something deep within me relaxes, when my body opens (rather than gets closed and guarded) to her, these are clues i’m in the presence of a potential mentor.

3.  be freakin’ masterful at her craft.

she must have walked the road i’m walking or wish to walk and have deeply digested her area of expertise, so that it’s part of her very being, pours out of her pores, flows like honey off her tongue.

4.  be real, not perfect.

5.  be willing to hold me unflinchingly in love, yet tell it to me straight.

in her gaze, i must feel deeply, profoundly and lovingly SEEN.

6.  be someone i would want to be friends with, even if we never become friends.

7.  be a strong leader, yet not hide behind a facade of “leadership.”

she mustn’t use her position of leader to create separation between us, but to instead create closeness and intimacy.

after being in her presence, i feel more whole, more hopeful and more joyfully inspired.  this is the opposite of the “pumped-up, dazed, confused, and kind of scared” kinds of inspired.

8.  have a reverence for me and her work — and a healthy dose of irreverence, too.

life is a trickster, painful stuff loses a bit of its bite when it is handled with humor, and wisdom often rides in on the back of paradox — any great mentor knows all of this all too intimately.

i suggest you look for the same as you are choosing your own mentors (and heck, even your teachers, coaches, gurus and masters, too.  ;-P)

to you, precious,

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