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Love note to my driven (yet sensitive) ones


Is this you? I think it might be. There are so many of us and we tend to search for and find each other.

Life is particularly brutal and particularly beautiful if you came into this body and this life with a sensitive heart/mind/body/soul.

Your aperture for taking in information and nuance and sensation and energy and body language and tone and hue and stimulus after stimulus, is wider than most.

You therefore can easily become flooded and overwhelmed.

You also sense what many others glance right by, making your existence enviably rich and layered.

But just because you are sensitive doesn’t mean you aren’t tough.

You are tough and tenacious, although likely not matching the brute force many use to make their way through their days and lives.

You want more than what meets the eye, more than the status quo. More, richer, deeper, more meaningful.

There is a world-to-be that only you can see, that is asking to be brought through, by you.

You are driven — not just to make money, but often that. 

Driven to make art, make beauty, make your mark, express the ecstasy/agony of what it is to be alive in a body.

Driven to build a biz, an empire, a legacy. Driven toward ‘success,’ even if the target keeps moving.

I wonder, dear one, if you also feel driven, as though running through the day pulling a wagon driven by someone mean with a stick, warning always warning of what you got wrong, might get wrong, will inevitably get wrong, wrong, wrong.

Because also, early on you likely were not SEEN, appreciated, acknowledged, tended to, attuned to, responded to in the ways that you required (you do).

You are used to tap-dancing and back-bending for a crumbs (you needn’t).

You are used to feeling alone (you’re not).

You are used to doing it all on your own (you mustn’t).

It might seem like doing all those on-your-own things takes twice as long and requires twice as much effort (they do).

Because your system is tracking all that extra extra extra, it might feel like you’re carrying three heavy suitcases when other folks are carrying just their phones (sigh).

I’ll bet you always feel behind. You’re also likely ahead of your time.

I’ll bet you are highly attuned to others’ needs but allergic to your own. And yet, around you, people likely feel safe to simply be themselves.

I’ll bet ideas spring from your mind, fully formed and bountiful, even if you are vexed by them taking peskily long to bring into 3D.

I’ll bet you are used to the connection between you and others being unpredictable, seemingly withdrawn with caprice, leaving you gasping for breath like a beached fish.

I’ll bet you don’t know what a talent you have for deep connection.

I’ll bet you wonder if you are anything special after all.

My love note to you, my sensitive/driven one, is that I hope it helps to have some of the landscape of your experience put down into some semi-acurate words.

I hope it helps to know that you are wonderfully made.

I hope it helps to know that you are part of a team.

I hope it helps to know that although it’s ridiculously challenging to be in your skin and also be expected to do life, also you can live well, live strong, live true.

I’m on your team,

PS: Featured image by Eric Nopanen of Unsplash

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