Welcome! I’m LiYana Silver,

Transformational Coach for Women* & author of Feminine Genius.

I’m so glad you found your way here.

Women come to me with the toughest, most intractable, life-defining questions in life.

And we create incredible breakthroughs in record time.

In our Metamorphosis session, we’ll first take some time to get crystal clear and specific about which persistent pattern, limiting belief, roadblock, or stuck place will be our focus.

That thing that’s tripping you up?
That you don’t want to carry into this next chapter of your life?

In our Metamorphosis session, we will find the root of it and transform it.



What brave, big-dreaming women come to our session with:

  • They yo-yo between knowing they are a superstar to feeling like an imposter, between a hunch they are capable of greatness to feeling like an undeserving piece of shit. (Harsh, I know. The insides of our heads often aren’t pretty).
  • Not wanting past trauma or abuse to define their lives now or going forward.
  • Want to find the courage to be themselves, launch the project, turn around the trajectory of their work or lives.
  • Need to know when (how/if) to leave a relationship.
  • Are intentionally and artfully creating the next chapter of life. They do NOT want to drag past patterns into their new life landscape. And they also feel in uncharted territory and want a sure-footed guide.
  • Use work and career as a form of self-actualization. Are examining what they are bringing to the world, and wanting the impact they are making to be one they are proud of.
  • They are aware they’ve been doing life and work ‘like a man,’ and know there must be a better way. Without the recurring overwhelm and burnout.

In our Metamorphosis session, I’ll walk you through my unique process — a powerful combination of breakthrough modalities — to make that intractable question or persistent pattern, manageable and doable.


Clients often tell me that reliably more shifts in a single session than has been possible for them in months with other therapeutic modalities.

Personal triumphs we're aiming for:

A strong(er) connection to your inner knowing + inner guidance system. Which has the uncanny power to point you to your best next steps and will serve you throughout your life.

The end of yo-yo self-esteem. Seeing yourself differently, magnificently. The dissolving of any fear, mistrust, contempt, or doubts you have about yourself, your body, abilities, or traits marked as feminine.


Repatterning the residue left by personal & cultural trauma. So you have the courage to be yourself (in a world that always seems to require you to try to be someone else).

Transforming the inner war with yourself. So you develop an aligned, kind relationship with yourself — which is the foundation of feeling whole, worthy, confident & grounded in who you ARE.

To launch that project already. To ask for the hard-to-ask-for thing. To have more play and pleasure in your life. To know you’re not crazy, you’re visionary.


Our Metamorphosis Session

It’s actually a package — and here’s how it lays out

Pre-Session Foundation Laying

  • You’ll get everything rolling by filling in a questionnaire so we are both clear which persistent pattern, limiting belief, roadblock, or stuck place will be our focus of transformation.
  • You can also share with me some of your unique history, family background, indentities, gifts, and life journey. In order to do extraordinary work together, I want to know as much of the whole of you as possible.

Our Metamorphosis Session

  • Carve out 2 hours for this deep dive inner rewiring session, where we’ll elegantly transform the self-limiting belief or pattern we're working with.
  • We’ll meet by Zoom video conference or phone, depending on your preference.
  • Our session will be 90 minutes, give or take, and we’ll build in a 10-minute time buffer at the end for you to rest and integrate.

Post-Session Follow Up

  • After a week or two, we’ll meet again for 30 minutes, focusing on the next steps, resources, and tools — customized to you — that support you to actualize in your life the changes we just made within.
  • So you have what you need to be on your way to the woman you are meant to be.

2 Payments of $275

About Me

I help brave, big-dreaming women answer life’s most irresolvable questions — the ones that define who you are and shape how you live your life.

For over 20 years, I have been an interdisciplinary coach and teacher, artfully facilitating retreats and online classes, guiding both groups and individuals through deep transformation.

My work integrates my certification as a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP, Holistic Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher.

I draw upon my training in childhood developmental psychology, emotional literacy, compassionate communication, human sexuality, body-based meditation, and somatic trauma resolution, as well as my first career as a contemporary dancer, performing in 6 countries on 3 continents over 10 years.

I also dance, write, paint in oils, and tend to my many houseplants. Born in Taos, New Mexico, I now live in the bosom of the Blue Ridge mountains in Asheville, North Carolina with my son and our two cats, Smudge and Kalila.

There is nothing more important than who you are and how you are living your life.

It is my honor to do my work, helping you move through the hardest shit in life to become the woman you are meant to be.


What clients have to say

Nisha Moodley


"The clarity to leave my marriage. Then falling in epic love.  The courage to make my way through unbelievably difficult heartbreak, and then to know when the right time was for me to have a baby. Doubling then tripling my business while having energy left over for what’s next.

I spent so much of my life tied up in knots, not knowing what was right for me and what next steps to take. I know that my connection to and trust in ME is my anchor and the thing that makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me uncover. 

LiYana is pure genius. She’s my guru, and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner."

Nisha Moodley

Women’s Leadership Coach | Salt Spring Island, Canada


"I just wanted to feel sure of myself, not living in fear of disapproval or dislike, able to make my own decisions and stand on my own two feet daily.

I have stopped second guessing myself based on someone else’s opinion. 

I belong. Everywhere. That’s really incredible for a woman who’s always felt like an outsider when in a group, even family most of the time.

Being my own guidepost has given me a new level of self confidence. I am able to ask my inner guidance when I need direction and stop long enough to truly listen.

Working with LiYana was fast, efficient, and easy – and nothing short of a miracle."

Tamara Cameron, CHC, LE, AADP

Optimal Health Coach and World Traveler | Las Vegas, NV


"For decades as a Vajrayana Buddhist Lama, I was devoted to my lineage, but also very aware that it was originally created by men, mainly for men. I was curious what would become possible if feminine energy, the body, sensuality, and pleasure were included as valid parts of my life and spiritual path. 

The change of orientation that this work brings, has changed everything for me. That’s not hyperbole. I do a lot of different kinds of personal growth work, so it’s not always easy to figure out what is actually helping. But in this case, I can. 

As I have been broke, overweight, depressed, even temporarily homeless, the work I did with LiYana helped me not just survive, but also to develop a loving relationship with myself and with life.

I no longer see myself as a project to fix. My work with clients is more fulfilling. I don’t make myself smaller around other women. I’m able to sit with my feelings instead of run from them or try to fix them right away. Ironically, I’m able to experience more pleasure and joy.

When I look at myself and my life through that lens, doing this work has been beyond worth it; it’s been priceless."

Shadi Mogadime

Spiritual Activism Coach | Toronto, Canada


I came to LiYana thinking small and feeling small, yet also feeling like I was ‘too much.’ I had no idea of how to revive and feed my creative fire.

LiYana helped me reconnect to my power, joy, and deep desires — which has helped me recover from addictive patterning, depression, and panic — so it has been worth every penny, many times over.

My body has become a wondrous instrument, strong and brave. I enjoy rather than avoid challenges. I now have BOUNDARIES. I trust my intuition to guide me toward the good and away from harm. 

My creative juices (and others!) are flowing again!

Amy Splitt

Events Coordinator / Visionary Writer | Blacksburg, VA


"To get everyone’s approval growing up, I tried to cut off the parts of myself that didn’t fit. I used to binge eat and drink under stress, partly because those cut-off parts of me were starving.

Instead of being a wild, crazy force, sabotaging my career and life, now those parts are amazing partners to me.  And fabulous sources of energy.  

The turning point was gaining access to a source of inner wisdom I didn’t know I had, that I now trust 100%.

I’m a better mom, wife, communicator. I’ve gotten clear on what programs to offer next to my clients. I make great choices. I have a sense of deep satisfaction with my life. I have far more strength and grit than I realized. 

I believe that I am whole … and from this, everything that I want and need can flow."

Kavita Arora, Esq.

Unconventional Business Strategist | Orange County, CA


"I had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business, keeping on my son’s nap schedule, and making sure that the to-do list was handled, but my inability to enjoy and let go was causing fights and resentments with my husband. 

I now understand more fully what it means to be — and do business as — a woman, to stay healthy amid my constantly-changing emotions, hormones, and cycles.

I discovered that I need spaciousness in my life in order to feel sexy. Our love-making has reached new heights and it feels so good to crave my husband. 

I now know that my marriage will last — where as before I was secretly worried."

Nothing is — or ever was — wrong with me. I was just too busy to listen to my body. 

Angelina DeWeese

Soul Purpose Business Coach | Carmel, CA
Jennifer Zlaket


"My entire life I struggled to love myself on a deep level. I was reeeally hard on myself all the time. My inner voices were cruel, I was jealous, lacking confidence, afraid of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone.

My work with LiYana left me feeling renewed, whole, and worthy. 

I’m aware of my strengths, I live with intention, and I have my inner wisdom to guide me. My self-care is a fierce, devotional, sacred form of self-love. I attracted a partner to me late in life, and we were (finally) able to have a child. 

My life is not perfect, and yet I feel equipped to handle any great challenges that come my way."

Jennifer Zlaket

Meditation Teacher | Guatemala
Wendy K. Yalom (cropped)


"I looked at the way LiYana works — allowing versus forcing, trusting her internal navigation even when it isn’t easy, and still living a full, pleasurable life, the respect she garners from the people in the world who I admire the most — all of this had me say, ‘This woman walks her walk. Her life is congruent with what she teaches. I want what she’s got. Take me there.’

At the time, I was doing work that felt unfulfilling; I resented my clients, was annoyed with my workload, and struggled to make ends meet.

LiYana helped me get the pleasure and joy back into my work.

I now not only LOVE LOVE LOVE my business and the work I do, I make great money and am able to travel 30 weeks of the year enjoyably.

After our coaching or belief re-patterning work together, I rarely remember what I came to LiYana for, because the changes become so obvious and part of who I am that I forget there was a way before that.

Working with LiYana has been a game changer!"

Wendy K. Yalom

Personal Branding Photographer | San Francisco, CA
Corinne Sheltren


For most of my life, I felt a disturbing level of numbness in my body and resultantly in my life. Despite having the partner, the house, the community, the stuff, the career, I felt incomplete, unsatisfied, itchy, impatient, and out of alignment.

LiYana helped me listen to myself with such grace and love and ease.

I have connected to my purpose, ended (or adjusted) relationships that no longer serve me, fearlessly pursued that which makes my heart/mind/body come alive, and enjoy (rather than endure) my workday. Whereas I used to try to control myself, my life, and everyone in it, I now have a sense of partnership with life.

The investment I made in me and this sweet, gorgeous, yummy life of mine was sooooooooo worth it!"

Corinne Sheltren

Artist & Organic Farmer | Northern California
Luanne Mareen


I was feeling over-worked and exhausted emotionally. My work was fulfilling but I had been just doing and doing and doing all the time. My soul felt tired.

My main belief — that I have to do all of this on my own — shifted, which meant I could stop re-enacting it over and over again. I stopped micromanaging my team, and they are happier and healthier as a result. 

I now know that I am here to make big change in the world, by example. I now know that people are honored to help me on my mission. In fact, receiving their help lights us both up. 

I love being in LiYana’s presence. I consider her wisdom rare. And myself lucky to learn from her."

Luanne Simmons

Business Mentor & Global Goddess Gatherer | Melbourne, Australia


Metamorphosis is the process by which a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

When it comes to our work, a metamorphosis isn’t about you becoming a whole different creature but rather who you are destined to be.

It’s remarkable. Beautiful. Inspiring. And also intense.

What most people don’t know is that after the caterpillar builds a cocoon around itself for the change to occur, it turns to complete mush.

The cells of what was the caterpillar are completely transforming into what will be a butterfly — its destiny.

Friend, I know it can feel like everything is goo, but steady on: you are on your way.

I’ve never met a woman who wanted to find her way back to herself and stride into her destiny, that didn’t.

However, the things that trip you up are going to continue to trip you up, until you transform them.

Life is going to keep life-ing. We’re still going to be living inside a culture that doesn’t value women’s lives. The hardest shit is still going to keep showing up for us to find our way through.

So, bring it.


Let's transform it.


* I define ‘woman’ as someone who experiences misogyny — the devaluing of girls, women & traits marked as feminine.

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