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Hello, my Friend. I am so glad you found your way here.


I know there's a part of you that feels alone, lost, and in pain. Drowning in doubt. Disoriented. Broken-hearted.

I also know there's a part of you that knows (even if dimly) that what you are going through might just be happening FOR you, not TO you.

FOR your profound transformation.

Let me be the first to tell you that the admittedly awful place in which you find yourself now — that you got tossed into perhaps because of a bad breakup, big breakdown, or even something terribly ordinary — has a name. It has a location. It has a purpose.

You, my friend are in The Dark Night of Your Soul.


The Dark Night is the crucible in which Queens are forged.

The kind of transformation that The Dark Night of Your Soul invites you into is as ferocious as it is loving, as demanding as it is full of grace.

It is NOT the kind of transformation many personal and spiritual-growth hawkers may dangle in front of you, which, they promise, will be yours when you “clean up your act” and “transcend your ego” and “purify your negative thoughts” and then poof! you get to “live your best life” with a cherry on top, happily ever after.

It IS the kind of real-deal, stripped-butt-naked transformation in which you ...

Transform your Inner Demons.

Feel it, all of it.

Slough off the no-longer-true to reveal the Newer-Truer-You.

Learn to trust yourself, even with life’s highest-stakes choices and in the face of others’ loud opinions.

Change what in your life is asking to be changed.

Come fully, sensuously alive.

Refine your faith in yourself, your inner knowing, your soul.


Reassemble yourself as a luminous Queen.


If we haven't met yet, I'm LiYana.


I help women going through the hardest shit of their lives, become queens.

When it comes to the gnarliest unlit realms of life, I have discovered over the last decade that it is my job description to GO FIRST.

And then come back and share the way THROUGH — with the least floundering and the most grace possible.

The Queen you will reassemble yourself as, is worth ALL of what you must go through. You won’t emerge perfect, nor pain-free, but — because I know you and I know what you are made of I know it will be a breath-taking version of you and your life.

It takes a dark night to make a queen.

And so! This is your full-throated invitation to join me and a tribe of brave, bright souls for:


22 Days of Initiation, Immersion, and Transformation

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.

People love to share that making it through a hard time or a rock bottom is what made them who they are today:

Strong. Clear. Resilient. Unshakeably confident.

But how often do they share the nitty gritty of HOW they made it through?

HOW they kept going when it was impossible?

HOW they found new tools when those of their “work-harder-warrior” not only failed them, but made things worse?

HOW they found gold in that massive pile of shit?

Almost never, right? 

So, let me share all those HOWs with you.


I know that you are going through (or have gone through) is no joke. It’s spectacularly painful. Impossible. Senseless even. As in ...

Moving homes. Moving countries. Pandemic. Death. Betrayal. Depression. Grief.


Loss of work. Loss of home. Loss of Beloveds. Loss of hope.

Becoming a mother. Not becoming a mother.  Post-partum. 

Health crisis.

Moving homes. Moving countries. Pandemic. Death. Betrayal. Depression. Grief.

I know, I know. It is impossibly hard.

And. I know you know: There is gold to be mined from all this hard shit.

You are in a holy place even if it
hurts like hell.


Most of us have come across or off-handedly repeated the phrase, Dark Night of the Soul.

But when The Dark really comes for us, it comes with a depth of painful disorientation like nothing else.

Things that used to work, now don’t.

Things that were clear, now are muddled.

Things that used to be easy, now are impossible.

The sacred castles we have lovingly erected, are burned to the ground. Ashes.

Dark nights like these

do not. fuck. around.


We tend to believe that if things have gone as terribly wrong as they have, it must be our fault.

Because we are bad and broken. Failures. Wanted too much. Didn’t work hard enough. Got too big for our britches. Were born under a bad star.

But the truth is …

The Dark Night of Your Soul is not a punishment.

It's an invitation.


My Friend, I know what is waiting for you on the far shores of your Dark Night ... an invitation into:

Confidence and Clarity.

Radical Self-Trust.


Grace and Gravitas.

Solid Inner Knowing.

Self-Sourced Sovereignty.

Depth. Wholeness. And fabulous fucking freedom.


Read on to see if this is the right medicine for you.

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.

SisterQueen, the part of you that goes down into The Dark is not the part that gets you out.

The QUEEN that you are becoming, the YOU that The Dark is growing you into, can only be found by going THROUGH The Dark Night of Your Soul.

There's no way out of a Dark Night of Your Soul, except THROUGH.

Allow me to be your uniquely-qualified sherpa, your brow-mopper, and your headlamp-wearing, pickaxe-wielding, truth-whispering way-shower THROUGH this rocky, tricky terrain.


It is who you become in The Dark that lets you rise up luminious


As we mine, you will recover how to …


Transform your Inner Demons


Of self-doubt, self-criticism, self-judgment, self-editing. I know how utterly CRUEL you can be to yourself. I’m cut from the same cloth and steeped in the same cultural swamp, SisterQueen.

Inner Demons are like hydras, those beasts with many snake heads. Cut one head off and a thousand more spring from that cut. Swords and war tactics don’t work when it comes to Inner Demons.

Let me show you what does.

And you know what gold is revealed?

Inner Demons transform into Inner Knowing. Self-acceptance. Self-confidence. Self-kindness. And the self-esteem that comes with knowing that your Inner Knowing always knows the next step to take.

You (re)connect to your instinctual, inner

You trust yourself, even with life’s highest-stakes choices, even in the face of others’ opinions and advice.


Reckon with your life-dimming habits


You know as well as I do, that if the cookie — or wine or joint or biz deal — doesn’t go down, the feelings come up.

We self-medicate because we don’t want to feel. In fact, our strategies of overworking, numbing, coping, and exhausting ourselves — that got us so far in life — are often the very things that land us in The Dark.

And so, The Dark is your invitation to get badass-good at feeling the hard feels.
And to come back to life.

And then, you know what gems show up?

You say yes to being in your body. As she is right now, innocent and wise, with all her aches and hungers  and desires and so, so muchness. 

Addictive tendencies and light-dimming patterns quiet the F down. You know how to work with them instead of being worked over by them.

You feel more vibrant and full of life. Strong.


See what is asking to be changed


As I see it, sometimes The Dark shows up like a tough-love auntie, waking you at 3am out of a stupor, shoving your face into All The Things about your life that is no longer working.

Maybe those Things are harmful and toxic.

Or maybe they are just fine and lovely, but you’ve outgrown them, like you’re wearing a shoe two-sizes-too-small and it's past time to be blister-free.

So then you have the chance of a lifetime to:

Feel free. Wild. And whole.

Rebuild a life and vision that is True For You.

Be True To You. Sometimes The Dark helps you discover your truth, sometimes it helps you realize you already knew it and you get some fire under your ass to be who you actually are.


Refind and refine your faith


SisterQueen, I know that perhaps everything you have held as Sacred has crumbled. And whatever or whomever you have called Holy, has abandoned you. That you are in a place where it seems that even the light of the Divine cannot find you.

So you can:

(Re)grow your Faith. In your Self. In your Soul. In your Source.

Say yes to the process not just of embodying, but ensouling: Incarnating into your body, the only way your Soul gets to live.

Open to newer and truer ways to (re)connect to that which is Sacred and Meaningful to you, even (and especially) through the ordinariness of your daily life.


Get with some like-hearted souls


We all long to be held, safely and sweetly.

And yet, the vulnerable surrender that leaning into support requires, often scares the bejeezus out of us. 

But, while the journey through The Dark Night of Your Soul is one only you can take, you mustn’t try to do it all alone. 

Come get with a bunch of like-hearted folks who get what you are going through. And are going through it with you. No slightly fearful blank stares here.

Some powerful ingredients that transform your Dark Night into gold:

Get thee into community. In this case, that would be me and the group of other bright souls gathering for this 22-Day Immersion.

Let yourself be guided by someone who’s been in similar spots (especially in those times when you can’t tell your ass from your elbow). But who is guiding you closer to yourself. Again, this would be me, your intrepid guide.

Surround yourself with support. I know which phases of The Dark Night of Your Soul are the toughest. I got you covered with exercises, classes, and like-hearted SisterQueens, all set up to kick in at the very moments you might want most to check out.


Get with some like-hearted souls


I’m sure you got the same memo we all got: Women should be pleasing, pretty, and perfect. This is the net that ensnares you into a life of illusions and half-truths, kidding yourself, censoring yourself, forever squinting and settling.

But we both know you are too bright, too big, too tender, and too wonderfully wild to fit inside that cage.

However, unless we go on a scavenger hunt in The Dark for the outcast parts of you, we will not be able to gather you back into wholeness, so you can be your actual, wonderful, glorious SIZE and SELF.

The Dark is where you lay the foundation to:

Rebuild yourself as Queen. A queen is no longer obsessed with others liking her; she unapologetically likes herself.

Slough off “perfect” and “pleasing.” Stop apologizing for taking up space. Welcome home parts of yourself that you once disowned (perfectionism and people-pleasing will do that to a soul). Some of the magical, brave parts of you come into consciousness only in The Dark.

Grow DOWN. Sure, maybe parts of you grow up, but The Dark specializes in growing you into your tremendous, grounded depth.

Act, speak and feel as though you are a kind, loving, sexy, stunning, brilliant being of luminescence. 


Let me guide you through this shadowy terrain so that you emerge Fortified. Humble. Radiant.

Two feet planted firmly on the earth, spine strong, heart clear, crown straight, and eyes flashing.


My friend! What I would have given for something like this the first time I went through a Dark Night of My Soul!

I would have given massive amounts of money. Hours of my days and nights. Blood, sweat, tears, and years. (Maybe not my first-born child, but you get the idea.)

Here’s what would have been on my Dark Night wish list, all laid out and ready to serve you.

We’re going in and we’re going deep. 11 classes in 22 days. Classes will be about 45-60 minutes long, via Zoom. All recorded.

I want to drench you and saturate you in the skills, perspectives, tools, resources, and community that you’ll need now and along your transformative Dark Night, however long as it may last.

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.



Let’s talk Dark Nights of the Soul; what they are, why they happen, and how you know you’re in one. The insights, strength, and transformation that are possible as a result of going through one.

The power of the Death/Rebirth Cycle and why it is a form of Archetypal Feminine Medicine. And, what an archetype is.

How to prepare others in your life to support you, when you are in the muck. How to help others who are going through it. How our Immersion will go, how to interact with the community, how to get the most gold.

The Seven Phases of The Dark Night


In my own experience and working with hundreds of clients and course participants, I’ve found that there are seven distinct phases in The Dark.

I’ll walk you through each of them so you can recognize them for yourself.

I’ll also share the particular “medicine” (perspective, practice, or tool) you’ll need for each phase, so you can self-administer what’s most needed, when it’s most needed.

Feeling Safe in Your Body


Why we fear our feelings, why they show up in the first place, and how to survive their strong storms.

Tools and practices to stay present, calm, resourceful, grounded, and connected to yourself when things get intense and overwhelming.

A healing salve for those of us who tend to “leave our bodies” or “take on other peoples’ feelings (also known as, recovering people-pleasers, over-functioners, empaths, and co-dependents).

Live Q+R Session


Bring your questions (Qs), or pre-submit them if you can’t come live. I’ll bring my responses (Rs). I find that responses are better than answers.

They help you find your own answers, which is kind of the whole point, isn’t it?

Leaning In To What Hurts


As we all know, to feel it will help heal it. But what do we do when it seems like our feelings will kill us?

Sometimes the moment calls for running headlong into the hurricane of hurt and getting drenched to the bone, drenched to the bone, a counter-instinctual way to support the healing process.

Come, let’s  learn how to feel what is asking to be healed — without dying.

Insisting on Joy


I know it may sound ludicrous. How do we find pleasure and sweetness in a bitter underworld? Find it we will, find it we must. It is by straddling the realms of the impossible and the joyful that resilience is forged.

Feel It, All Of It


This is the moment you learn how to transform your Inner Demons. The surprising secret of anger. The positive intention of depression. Why anxiety, shame, jealousy, and doubt show up in the first place.

Discover how to work with all of them as the tough-love allies they are, and decode the messages they have for you.

Opening Your Eyes to Your Blind Spots


We will intrepidly explore the Shadow, the inner basement where we tend to put the parts of ourselves we can’t face, have disowned, or haven’t met yet.
We’ll work the transformational process of seeing what we’ve been previously unable, unequipped, or unwilling to see.

You’ll learn to trust your intuition (as much as your logic) and your body (as much as your mind). As we tend to our brokenness, wholeness blooms.

Grief Is Praise


As a culture, we suck at grief. We are told it’s like a flu and we should be fine in a few weeks with some rest, fluids, and plenty of denial.

Grief is not an illness. Grief is praise. Grief is the natural response to losing what we have loved with our whole hearts.

To withhold our grief is stingy, a disrespect. This class will take the shape of a ritual, as a powerful way to honor what we have loved and lost.



Of yourself and others. Without letting anyone off the hook too easily. So that you can develop a kind friendship with yourself.

Learn the antidote to the Core Human Wound of feeling inherently flawed or unworthy.

In your own time and in ways that are personal to you, you will resurrect the Sacred and open to newer, truer ways to connect to what is holy and meaningful, even (and especially) through the ordinariness of your daily life.

Rest in the Truth about you: that you are inherently good, valuable, and even magnificent.

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.


I have had the extraordinary honor of interviewing a series of Luminaries who have lived, researched, and written powerfully about Dark Nights of the Soul.

Enjoy these 90-minute beauties as a supplement to our immersion. You’ll have access to them the moment you join us, so they can also serve as a warm-up before we officially kick off our 22 days together.


Bonus #1: Transformation Through a Dark Night of the Soul

With Mirabai Starr, author of Dark Night of the Soul: St. John of The Cross, Wild Mercy, and Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation

LiYana and Mirabai dive into:

The origin of the phrase (and mystic poem), “Dark Night of the Soul.”

An understanding of this initiatory journey, through the fierce and tender wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

A writing practice to dignify the process of loss.

The transformation that is possible through the Dark Night, as discerned by Mirabai’s theological training and own lived experience.


Bonus #2: Reconnecting With Your Divine Soul

With Sera Beak, author of The Red Book, Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story, and Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Fully Human.

LiYana and Sera dive into:

What the Soul is.

What causes “Soul Loss” and how it shows up in our lives.

How to reconnect to your Divine Soul, and the importance of this reconnection.

How we discern the Soul from other voices/influences.

Why you can’t connect with your Soul without also connecting to your body and your messy humanity.

An experiential practice of connecting to the Soul realm.


Bonus #3: Care Of The Soul During Dark Nights of The Soul

With Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, Dark Nights of the Soul, and The Soul of Sex

LiYana and Sera dive into:

The importance of caring for the Soul — and practical, day-to-day how to’s for nurturing the Soul.

The loss of The Great Father spirit from collective culture.

Signals and signs we might otherwise overlook that can guide us through a Dark Night.

How to discern between a fear voice vs. a genuine voice of guidance.

The transmutation that is possible through Dark Nights of the Soul, through the lens of Thomas’ theological training, psychotherapy practice, and own lived experiences.





Mining For Gold in The Dark Night of Your Soul 22-Day Immersion will come in the form of:

Nine Mining For Gold Classes.

Together with your like-hearted community, via Zoom video conference, we’ll learn and practice the skills, insights, and tools that make a tremendous difference.

Ideally, you’ll attend live, which is where the most magic is. But mountains can’t always be moved and time zones are unforgiving, so all classes will of course be recorded so you can partake later, available immediately after the live class.

Three Live Group Q+R Sessions.

Each week, bring your questions, stuck spots, ah-has, and molten heart, and I'll respond.

Q+R? Don't I mean Q+A? No, "R" is for response instead of "A" for answer, so that my Rs are always support of you finding your own As.

If you can’t come live, you can pre-submit what you’d like attention on, and listen to the recording shortly thereafter.

Three Bonus Luminary Interviews.

Authors and teachers I deeply admire whose profound work has touched me while in — and helped me out of — The Dark.

Exercises, Tools, and Practices.

We’ll do them in class and set you up to do them at home.

A Private Facebook Group.

This is where you’ll connect with me and your like-hearted community, from any time zone, at all hours of the day and night.

And I’m really in there with you, responding and connecting. This group and the materials of the Immersion will be available to you for one year.

I can’t wait to dive in with you!

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.

I’m LiYana.

Transformational Coach. Mentor. Author.

Underworld Sherpa.






Maybe you and I have known each other for years. Maybe this is the first you’ve heard of me and you’re curious. Or somewhere in between.

So here’s a little about me and how I came to my understanding of (and reverence for) The Dark Night of the Soul.


At 40-something years into my life, things were pretty peachy. Great relationship of over a decade, good health, lovely new baby, expansion in my multi-decade coaching practice, my first six-figure year, beautiful community and friends.

And then one day in the middle of a long winter, I got plunged into The Dark Night.

I can see now, long after that initial plunge, that there were so many contributing factors.

One was a series of staggering health issues that began piling on and on after the birth of my son (and the near-death of us both).

The other was a tectonic break in my relationship world, altering my life forever. (I imagine you might be able to relate to one or both or some combination of these ...)

One particularly memorable morning, I came down into the sunny kitchen in the house that my then-husband and I shared with another family. I joined a familiar scene that had, for three incredible years, held so much joy for me: my husband making hand-pressed coffee, laughing and bonding over some business win with our long-term girlfriend.

But this morning, something felt different. Off. Ominous.

The bright, strong energy that had connected us three, for three years, had shifted. I felt that I was no longer included.

(I'll pause for a moment to say that throughout our two decades together, my then-husband and I had thrown ourselves fully into living a life of personal growth, exploration, and adventure. Which included consciously creating an ethically non-monogamous relationship. And conjoining families).

A few months earlier, I had started to feel alarmingly unwell.

I entered the bustling kitchen that morning, steeped in a swamp of exhaustion, depression, and self-doubt, like a dark cloud passing over the sunshine of their connection.

When I tried to talk to them about the dramatic shift I felt between us, and to share that I felt it was a contributing factor to my getting more and more  sick, the two of them — the two adults I felt most lovingly connected to in the world at that point — backed away from me the way you would from someone with Ebola.

What I needed most was for them to come close and hold me and hear me, but they moved physically (and emotionally) as far away from me as the kitchen walls would allow. In all my confusing unwellness, I think I scared the bejeezus out of them.

In the coming months, bad got worse. And worse. And worse still.

All my life-long techniques for joy and positivity and motivation, stopped working. I had panic attacks by day and insomnia by night. I would get caught for days at a time in storms of rage, grief, depression. In between caring for my toddler and writing my book, I would shake uncontrollably, afraid of what might be wrong with me.

Was it a brain tumor? Cancer? Chronic Fatigue? Was I losing my mind?

My beloveds, friends, and community tried to help, but had little idea how to. Doctor after healer plied me with expensive regimes and, after collecting tens of thousands of dollars from me and sending me along to the next practitioner, eventually threw their hands up as well.

This lasted for a year. Of excruciating hell.

As I flailed about in an ocean of shit, I found some driftwood here and there, in books, in research, and in wise friends. I pieced the driftwood together to form a life-raft and climbed on, wet and weary. (You can bet your ass that all that driftwood and those rafts are in this Immersion).

Physically, I found that I was dealing with the fallout from a life-long addiction to over-working, people-pleasing, and warring with myself, as real as if it were to heroin. I began to heal my thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, autoimmunity, heavy metal poisoning, and low neurotransmitters.

Metaphysically, I found that I was dealing with the fallout from a life-long misunderstanding around my inherent unworthiness and compulsion to put everyone’s needs, feelings, and well-being above my own. I began to heal my sense of disconnection from other people, my Soul, my Source, and my Self.

I learned to re-find myself in an emotional storm. I found that each of my Inner Demons had a startling message for me.

I looked lucidly at the places I had betrayed myself, muted myself, and let myself run dry.

To a degree I had never done before in my life, I began to listen to myself, trust myself, care for myself, and even cherish myself.

Eventually (long, long after the point which I thought I was sure I couldn’t take one more step), I emerged.

I emerged with an astonishing appreciation for — and an uncanny ability to guide a fellow human through — the brutal, loving process that is The Dark Night of Your Soul.

None of this was drizzled on me like honey from heaven. I hauled each insight and skill out the blazing, brutal, beautiful forge of The Dark.

Once almost a decade ago, and then again, just last year.

I emerged a Queen.


These hauls through the underworld did NOT leave me transformed with perfect health, at my ideal weight, and as rich as royalty.

But they did leave me transformed with shattered wholeness, at home in the depths, and as Queenly as they come.

The Invitation that is The Dark Night of Your Soul, is not casual. 

It is in invitation to drop into a depth of Inner Knowing that is yours alone and cannot be taken from you. It is an Invitation to a type of gravitas that is fused into your bones because you extracted it with your bare hands from the molten center of the earth.

It is not the Hero’s Journey.

It is the Heroine’s Journey.

You’re not being called to adventure,

but rather to IN-venture.

It’s less about waking up.

It’s all about waking down.

I remember the moment I first read the words, Dark Night of the Soul. 

It was in the same kitchen where the slow train-wreck of my relationship and health first jumped their tracks.

I read about this rite of passage in a book written by spiritual teacher, Mirabai Starr. (Mirabai is now my dear friend, life-raft, and Guest Luminary Interview in this Immersion, lucky us).

Oh, I realized. I am not lost. There is a place I’m in. It is dark and unlit and scary as fuck. But it has a name. And at least one other person has been here before me, and made it through with enough of herself intact to write the name down in this book for me to use as a life-raft, perched on a kitchen stool.

My Dear Fellow Underworld Traveler. You are not lost. Somehow you found yourself here. I’m so glad. You are giving birth to yourself. And it fucking hurts.

But I’ve seen where you’re headed, and it’s a reassembly of a life and a self that is beautiful, true, and vibrating with aliveness. 

I’ve doula-ed thousands of clients, course participants, and book-readers through The Dark Night. I’ve assembled the driftwood, the rafts, the perspectives, the tools, and the tribe, to doula this next group of initiates through a deep transformation.

Your next step is to join us.

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.

Shadi Mogadime

Business Consultant
Toronto, Canada

“The change of orientation that these perspectives bring, changed everything for me.

I never believed in a friendly universe and I do now.

I no longer see myself as a project to fix.  

I feel safe, at peace, and I like myself,
exactly as I am.”


"I am not the same person I was before I met LiYana.  I’ve come to understand intimately the beautiful gems in the darkest parts of myself. 

You see, this is where LiYana shines.  THIS is her specialty.  She dives in with you — deep.  She’s masterful in navigating you through the places you feel trapped, ugly, wrong, crazy, enraged, or depressed. 

If any of this resonates with you, trust that you’ve found this page for a reason.

You’ve found LiYana for a reason.  She’s a genius in the realm of reinvention, a trusted soul sister who helps you remember who you ARE, and who is there by your side when you forget.”

Jennifer Zlaket

Certified iRest Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Coach
San Pedro La Laguna, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala


Allison Bondanza

Clinical Psychologist
Washington, DC

I used to believe my needs didn’t matter.

I now know that my acceptance and expression of my needs is the only way to my happiness.

I now have a solid sense of myself, which has has offered me so much light during a very tough six-month Dark Night.”


“I have stopped second guessing myself based on someone else’s opinion.  I truly feel more adult.

That poor little scared girl inside of me, who was seen and not heard, feels loved and nourished now.

I belong.  Everywhere. That’s really incredible for a woman who’s always felt like an outsider, everywhere.”


Tamara Cameron

Health Coach
San Francisco, CA


Tulasi Adeva

Somatic Therapist
Kauai, HI

“The negative self destructive loops have turned way down.

I don’t feel desperate, frantic, or like I’ll never reach my goals & desires.

I feel solid. Clear about my own definition of success. And I trust myself to get there.

I feel a sense of worthiness deep in my bones.”


Will I complete my Dark Night of the Soul in our 22 days together?

My SisterQueen, no. Probably not.

Goddess only knows how long these things last. Some are months, some are years, the rare one is one actual night. Expect to lay a powerful foundation to help you through, however long yours lasts.

And you can apply what you learn here to future Dark Nights as well.

Seriously, they are all hard, but knowing what’s up the next time you go down into The Dark, makes it easier, more graceful, and often quicker.

What if I miss a class?

The class recordings will be available immediately after the live classes. If you are the type that appreciates love-taps, I’ll remind you to join us live as well as when the recording is ready.

The classes, materials, and Facebook group community will be available to you for a full year.

What if I can’t do all the classes in 22 days?

I know that sometimes The Dark will have you by the throat and you just can’t get your sweet patootie to class that day. I always want you to come (or don’t) AS YOU ARE. You will always be welcomed, regardless if you’ve not participated in a single class yet. Just show up. There’s no “behind.” We’ve got you.

However you work out your timing, tho, I need your full-frontal, full-throated participation. Right now, right here, make a deal with yourself that you will listen to the recording of the class you missed the very second you’re able, and then jump back into it all with us, so you can stay with the energy and momentum of the Immersion.

Do you have scholarships?

If you have been particularly hard by All The Things, we have a certain amount of spots at a scholarship rate. Contact Aki and tell us a little about you, your circumstances, what’s possible for you to pay, and we’ll see what we can work out.

Is this only for women?

Definitely not. If you are called to be here, you belong here.

You’ll find yourself in a group of kindred souls that either identify as women or womxn, are working out the identity of “woman” or “female” assigned to them at one point or another, or want to embody in a balanced, personal way the energy of the Archetypal Divine Feminine (which we could all do with more of, regardless of where we place ourselves on — or off — the gender continuum).

I’ve done a previous Mining For Gold in a Dark Night of the Soul course. Can I get a special deal as an alum?

You bet. Glad to have you back! Contact Aki and they’ll get you set up with ½ off.

No Light-Washing or Spiritual By-Passing

As we go, we will resist tactics like feel-better platitudes, obsessive positivity, finding silver-linings, turning our frowns upside down, and learning our lessons.

Because while they may be well-intentioned, these tactics usually make us feel worse. And, especially under the guise of “elevated consciousness,” "positive thinking," and “evolved spirituality,” they conveniently allow us to avoid what really needs our attention.

(But I also promise, we’ll crack a lot of jokes too. The Dark can be funny AF).

I have my eye on the gaps that may need to be filled.

To say yes to the transformation of The Dark, you’ll need to be doing things like listening to your body, deepening your self-awareness, and following your natural curiosity.

But maybe you feel so “out of your body” that listening to your body sounds nice and all, but unreachable. Maybe you feel so full of doubt and loathing that you can’t turn down the volume on self-criticism in order to listen to your self-awareness. Maybe you got your natural curiosity slapped out of you early on, so when someone says to follow it, you can’t even find it. 

Worry not. I’ll walk you through the basics so you have a doorway in.

I will tell it like it is.

SisterQueen, in this Immersion, we’ll be talking about that which most people don’t want to talk about — or don’t know how to talk about. But that which cracks open, blooms, and transforms when talked about.

You’ll be getting some blackbelt-level skills and perspectives that are rare, that most people go through their lives without, that can make a profound difference, and will lay the foundation for you to remember yourself as Queen.

Enrollment is currently closed. Please add your name to the waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when it is open again.

Oh, good. I’m so glad.

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The Dark begins with a cosmic disrobing of everything you’ve held sacred and precious. Because what you knew yesterday is not what you need to know today.

The Dark makes it overly obvious that some of the ways you have set up your life just ain’t working anymore. And it’s high time some shit gets shifted.

The Dark gets all up in your face with the painful beliefs you have about yourself and your value. So that you can transform those beliefs and get on with being yourself and giving your gifts. 

The Dark reveals to you the parts of you that you have buried and disavowed. And will not let up until you welcome those prodigal beauties home.

The Dark uncovers for you all the creepy-crawlies hiding under the rock of your psyche. So you can recognize your beauty, especially in the ugly.

The Dark kicks you off the spiritual titty you’ve been sucking on for a bit too long. So you can grow into the next version of who you are becoming.  

The Dark shows you that no …

You are not going crazy, you are being reshaped.

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Even though you might feel like an outlier, it’s natural to go through a Dark Night of the Soul.

Even though you might feel you’ve fallen off your path, you are right smack on your Soul’s journey.

Even though things might feel meaningless, there is astonishing intelligence funding the shit storm you are in.

Chances are, if you are still reading this, this is the right medicine for you, at the right time.

Perhaps you’d even like to invite a friend to dive in with you.

It would be my honor to support your Mining For Gold in The Dark Night of Your Soul.

So, my friend, let’s get mining.


With eyes that can see in The Dark,

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