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new poem

i’ve yet to title this new poem. won’t you give me a suggestion for a title, in the comments below? THAT will be a fun way to dialogue 😉

the love of my life and my wish to die

you are my wail and you are my sigh

you are my start and my short, sharp stop

my daily bread, my cherry on top

my tripwire, wound and the sprinkled salt

you are my cure and you are my fault

you are the gash in my bone, gaping wide

you are my gentle bandage, wound tight inside

my ache and my soothe

my rattle, my muse

my live wire and my dead tired

my innocent flesh on my funeral pyre

you are my up and my upside down

my heart, my heartbreak, my thorn, my crown

you open my soul and my mind and my legs

and you snuff out my spark with one angry breath

you own me, you set me free, you never were the boss of me

my ring finger, my middle finger

my pleasure, my pain

my burnt, my luminous

again and again and again


i await your title suggestion, in the comments below,

PS: photo by Julia Maryanska

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