Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

of Lady Parts and rutabagas

i’m still basking in the after-glow of the second and final retreat of my 6-month mentorship program, Meant To Be: The Mastermind.

recently we gathered in a private retreat house in wine country.  we learned radical life tools for us feminine beings.  we ate high-vibe private-chef crafted food. soaked our bodies in the cool salt water pool and the hot hot tub.  tamed Inner Demons.  became Wild Things.  got comfortable with the Dark.  celebrated the Light.  and dropped into the most profoundly intimate and loving space i’ve ever witnessed 10 women co-creating.

this is some of what i heard from the 10 women mentorees, straight from their bones and bellies:

“i used to believe i was so deeply flawed that if anyone got too close and saw the real me, they’d know i was unworthy of love. that’s what i USED TO BELIEVE.”

“i would reach for Joy, mostly to find it just out of my grasp.  now Joy is as natural as breathing.”

“i have a place for my inner girl child, so i’ve finally fully become an adult.  and that counts.”

“i realized i already am what i was searching for.  i’m Home.”

“thank you for seeing a ME that i couldn’t quite see yet.  i can see her clearly when i look in the mirror now.”

“thank you for bringing me back to Life.”

if there was ever confirmation i’m on the right track in my work of reuniting women with their power … if there was ever confirmation that it’s the most natural thing in the world for a woman to ride high on the fine fumes of her own divine radiance … their rich words are that confirmation.

how did these Miracles come to be?

(and each of these 10 women ARE indeed Miracles because each time a woman sloughs off self-doubt, body-loathing, over-achieving, chronic disappointment and addiction to The Dark like a snake sloughs off its skin, it’s a Miracle).

they’ve gotten in touch – in radically intimate touch – with their unique, feminine Wisdom.  it’s one thing to know something in your head, it’s entirely another to LIVE AS IT, through your Body and Being.  each of these 10 are now living as truly free women: at once wild and at peace. each wears WOMAN so, so well.

and yes, making these types of Miracles always include our Lady Parts, too.  a few months back i was invited to speak at the Emerging Women conference in San Francisco, and i spoke on exactly WHAT it takes to come back to Life as a woman – and about Lady Parts and rutabagas, too.

the video of my talk is here for your inspiration, mirth and enjoyment:

Emerging Women Power Party, San Francisco – LiYana Silver from Emerging Women on Vimeo.

please let me know what AH-HA you get from this.  i’m not only unabashedly and greedily asking for you to add your comments below (because they feed me deliciously), but also when you speak your AH-HAs, you cement a moment of learning for yourself, and in your sharing of it spark other’s learning as well.

so, see you in the comments!

the Miracles we need more sorely are Women (you), coming back to life, one flame at a time.

to your burning, baby,

PS: if you are curious about my Miracle-making mentorship program, you can check it out here: Meant To Be: The Mastermind

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