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An Oracle between my thighs? What?!?

For millennia, as you may know, an Oracle was a person — or sometimes a place like a spring or tree or shrine — that was assumed to be the source of infallible guidance and spiritual authority.

So that when you had a question — like what to eat (and when), when to pray (and how), and whom to marry (or not) – you went to the Oracle and asked.

When I say that the Oracle isn’t “out there” in another person or shrine but is actually within you, you can probably agree fairly easily with the concept.

However, an Oracle between your thighs?

When I say the “between your thighs” part, people either nod knowingly, smiling that secret Mona Lisa smile, or they look confoundedly scandalized.  Or both.

Yes, your Oracle is in you.   And as I see it, it also happens to be in one of the last places you might think to look — in your pelvic bowl, the area of your body below your belly button and above your tailbone that holds most of your female reproductive organs.

For your Mona Lisa smile and for your scandalized confusion, I’ll share with you why it is that your Oracle lives in possibly the most controversial place in your body, and why this place is the epicenter for creativity, intuitive wisdom, personal power, confidence, and divinity.

And I’ll also share a bit from my former client Callie’s story, that echoes how each of us can lose touch with these essential aspects of ourselves — and how we can reconnect to them.  {You’ll find Callie’s full story in my new book, Feminine Genius.}

I loved how Callie, a project manager who worked from her mountain home, often spoke of fairies, homemade blackberry jam, and computer code all in the same few minutes.  In our first few sessions, she explained how she was in a fourteen-year relationship that everyone assumed would turn into marriage and last a lifetime, but how she herself was increasingly, and alarmingly, unsure.

She wanted to do everything she could — personal growth, looking at her own demons, working on her communication and sex life with her partner — so she could answer for herself one of the hardest questions any of us ever face (and an ever-popular one for the Oracle), “Should I stay or should I go? And how will I know?”

Callie’s confusion got started much earlier in her life.

When Callie was five, the neighbor boy, eight years her senior, had started touching her.  Callie was at first curious about the new energy and sensations she experienced with him, but over the coming months, it all started to feel “off” to her.

So, one day she barged in on her mother making lunch, shared what was happening with the neighbor kid, and asked what she should do about it.

Her clear and empowered question did not go over well.  Not well at all.

Callie’s mother turned icy and told Callie to stop making things up, that the neighbor boy would never do anything like that, and that “good girls don’t get into situations like that.”

Callie’s inner mouth clamped shut.  Her ability to speak up disappeared.
She began to believe, Sexual energy is dangerous.  My body is dirty and wrong.  I don’t have a voice.  I can’t trust anyone, including myself.

Most of us have moments like this, often in our girlhood or young womanhood, moments where we begin to believe that it’s no longer safe to feel what we feel, to know what we know and to say what is true.

We stop trusting ourselves and start feeling uncomfortable in our bodies.  We become increasingly confused about our sexual energy, and so work to either avoid it or exploit it.

In the time we got to work together, Callie underwent a profound and beautiful personal transformation, partly due to her realizing that she had an Oracle and that it was between her thighs.

The place where your Oracle resides is also a place of:

1.    Creativity.

This area of your body can literally create life itself, whether or not you have all your lady parts, and whether what you choose to create is a baby, a book, a business, or breakfast.  The creative, generative, inspiring aspect of life-force makes its home between your thighs.

2.    Intuitive wisdom.

Intuition is defined as spiritual perception; to understand something immediately and without the need for conscious reasoning.  Intuition is also your hunches, insights, and gut instincts — your prescient feelings.  In fact, I think that sometimes “gut instincts” are actually “Oracle instincts,” since your uterus, cervix (top of vagina), and ovaries (if you have all or some of them) are situated next to your digestive tract.

In your vagina there are pulsations that increase measurably (yes, science has a device for measuring them) when you are moved, inspired, confident, and clear.  These are the pulsations of your unique knowing — those prescient feelings that are language of your intuition.

3.    Personal power.

Those familiar with Vedic Tantra or Kundalini Yoga identify the pelvic bowl as the place in the body that holds the energies of creativity, sex, money, and personal power.  As was the case with Callie, your self-worth, self-trust, and self-empowerment are often linked with your sexual energy.

4.    Pleasure (and hence confidence).

When you experience pleasure – whether sexual or platonic – those sensations often register in your Oracle and get relayed through the pelvic nerve, up your spinal cord and to your brain where they signal the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with confidence and clarity.

So, more pleasure means more power.  Which sounds totally antithetical within a culture that rewards your hyper-productivity and judges your worth by your resume.  However, your Oracle knows that the better you feel, the better you’ll feel about yourself.

5.    Divinity.

I know it is scandalous to assert that sexuality and spirituality could share a zip code, but it is only in the last 5,000 years that the separation has been made.  Before that, erotic energy was seen as life-force energy, which was seen as sacred.  The same essence that makes a baby grow makes the springtime blossoms bloom, which also makes YOU grow and bloom.

Sure, in its “spicy” forms, erotic energy is sexual energy, but in its “mild” and “medium” forms, erotic energy is what turns your inner light on, what brings you joy, and what has you feel connected to All That Is.

{I go even deeper into all of this, in a special MasterClass, “Ready, Set, Know: Use Your Oracle to Source Your Clarity, Deepen Your Confidence, and Inspire Your Next Moves,” my bonus gift to you when you pre-order my book.}

There is something unmistakable about a woman who has come home to herself — a still center, a strong backbone, and a radiant energy — and I see it all over Callie, as she shared with me about her process of making one of the hardest choices of her life.

Even though Callie had spent many agonizing months trying to find reasons big enough to justify staying or going, she ultimately made her choice from a place that wasn’t about reasons.  She made her choice by consulting with her Oracle.  {I won’t reveal Callie’s actual choice since that would be a spoiler.  You can find out when you read my new book!}

“Looking for reasons can be ugly because you will find them,” she tells me, tearing up a little.

“I really had to first get in touch with my own sexual energy and see it as a kind of life-force energy.  I could then be in my body and in my feelings in a different way than before in my life.

“So then, I really just kept asking myself, ‘what do I want?’ and from that place — before any reasons — my answer was clear.”

Callie’s are the words of a woman who has learned how to trust her prescient feelings and her Oracle, and thereby to trust herself; a woman who has self-sourced her authority, tapped into her inner knowing, and who has become (as she perhaps once was as a girl child) whole unto herself.

Now your turn.   Come share with us in the Facebook discussion, how this lands for you — with a knowing grin, some scandalized confusion, or something in between?

To your Mona Lisa smile,

Photo by Wendy Yalom Photography

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