Mark Tauber

“a living provocateur, LiYana continues to widen my views of what’s possible for love and relationships – and the women in them – in the 21st century.”

Bryan Franklin

"over the 7 years i’ve called LiYana friend and colleague, she has helped my marriage become an epic work of art.  truly a model for the divine feminine in the real world.  she’s also one of the only practitioners on earth i let coach me, because i’m that finicky, and she’s that good."

Jena la Flamme

"LiYana embodies feminine wisdom and expresses it with such passion and clarity that you can’t help but be uplifted by her teachings.  i also teach women how to trust the wisdom of pleasure, but i still find it useful to have someone to remind me, and for that i turn to LiYana.  i use her tools frequently to sharpen my pleasure saw."

Sera Beak

"LiYana emits a bone deep, belly-full, heart-blazing wisdom of the Woman.  her down and dirty devotion to helping other women recognize and remember and trust their own body’s wisdom is remarkable and inspiring.  she is a passionate permission-giver encouraging all of us to say “yes!” to the free-flowing, ecstatically-embodied expression of ourselves in life and in love."


"moxie + elegance = LiYana.  spinning stories and words into life-changing information.  this woman is a wordsmith to watch."