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put THIS on your plate today

Whatever you put on your plate today, make sure to include this.

I have a friend, Annie, who believes that certain words we think of as nouns should actually be verbs. Like the word, “woman.”

So that instead of being a noun — a static person, place, or thing — the word “woman” should be a verb — a moving, changing, transforming action.

So that “woman” instead of remaining something stationary becomes “womaning,” a moving, shaking, dazzling motion.

To woman or not to woman, that becomes the question.

So today, and every day, thank you for all the ways you woman.

When you dance like no one is watching.

When you dance like everyone is watching and getting high off your reflected light.

When you’re too tired to smile but the yellow leaves against the blue sky makes you anyway.

When you cry in commercials.

When you love too soon and for too long.

When you look upon the curve of your belly or hip or haunch with simple, staunch approval.

When you pick up the trash that you didn’t make at the park.

When you stay in bed reading a book even though there are dishes in the sink.

When you mean no and say no.

When you mean yes and you say yes.

When you make a mistake yet are kind to yourself anyway.

When you savor whatever you let touch your lips.

When you are tender. When you are fierce. When you forgive. When you remember. When you walk away.

When you thank Creation for the wiggle in your hips.

When you catch another woman’s eye with a glance that means, “the divine in me sees the divine in you.”

When you insist on poetry. Chocolate. Foot rubs. Deep breaths.

Thank you. I know it’s the opposite of easy, this womaning.

Thank you for all you do, seen and unseen.

If you want to come say hi on Facebook, please do.

On this day of thanks, please add my thanks to your plate.

And let’s woman on,

PS: Image by Grant Carrie of Unsplash

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