"my community – and how they are taught and spoken to – is precious to me.  they keep asking when LiYana will be back!

she creates a hallowed space, where each listener feels deeply seen – fertile ground for true transformation."


"through LiYana's stories and exercises, i watched the audience fall more deeply in love with themselves.  

when she wove in a short impromptu dance performance, people literally jumped out of their seats cheering because, as they shared later, it awakened in them a long-slumbering desire to be more at ease in their own bodies and more fearless in their personal expression.” 


"LiYana doesn’t just speak about embodied feminine leadership, she embodies it herself.

straight-talking.  funny.  provocative.  lit up our stage like a sparkler.  i’d have her again in a hot minute."


"my audience loved LiYana Silver’s compelling presentation! warm-hearted and clear, she created genuine connection with the audience and between audience members.  her presentation was interactive and the energy in the room was rich and vibrant.  we learned new insights from her and her expertise was wonderful.  each person came away with new tools which can be applied immediately to their unique life circumstances.  

what i loved about LiYana was how she embodied what she taught, in every moment!  i got such wonderful feedback from the audience after the event, i will truly be honored to have her speak again.”

Tanya Paluso

"LiYana’s keynote roused the room not just with inspiring words and new perspectives, but with real-time exercises that (over) delivered what she promised: a fresh look at how women can tap into the wisdom of our bodies so our businesses, loves and lives can be all that more empowered and embodied.

LiYana is a teller of truth; and while hearing her speak, we grew intimately closer to our own."