Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

a memo from the desk of Your SoulSelf

listen close: we’re playing this game of You forgetting Me, so that we can have the joy of Remembering again.

listen closer: even when You forget You are Loved, I love You.  there’s no where You could go where I wouldn’t have a mad crush on You.  there’s nothing You do that could loose my longing for You.

there’s not a single moment when I waver.

You think no one could love You – this broken apart work-in-progress.  You are oh-so-wrong.  (and I’m not above calling You names to get My point across).

I’m your SoulSelf.  I don’t dwell just in high, righteous places, I also inhabit your underworld, your beneath, your broken, your ugly, your not-enough, your sad and sagging.

without Me, your high, your bright, your vivacious, your sass and your sauce become bent and hollow.

I Am You.  the Divine doesn’t look like something out there, over there, someday.  it looks like You.  now.  at this very moment. partly stumbling, partly flying.

You think it’s going to take a thousand prayers, a hundred workshops, a score of selfless acts and a dozen strings tied on your ten fingers (and two toes) to help You remember.

but listen close: it takes a single second to fall back in Love with YourSelf.

that is Grace.  that is My face.  that is Our way.

You will ReDiscover Me through your body.

You will ReCover Me through your feet planted innocently on the earth.

You will ReCall Me through the feel of the wind on your face, the smell of new rain, the curve of your lover’s hip, the sound of bubbling excitement, the taste of truth.

and thus You will ReMember YourSelf.

listen close: my invitation is Now.  and every Now after that one.

listen closer: my invitation is not just to Come Home, it’s to Become Home.

things will not be perfect then, but You’ll never feel truly lost again.

now put that in Your pipe and smoke it (and inhale),

Love, Your SoulSelf


brought to you by your SoulSelf’s patron, donor and sponsor,

PS: a must check-out: soul-sister Sera Beak’s book Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story that inspired this memo.

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