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      “Feminine Genius at Work”
    Emerging Women Live 2017, Denver, CO



    i speak to and train success-minded women who want to:

    • wake up your wisdom
    • listen to your body
    • get hooked up to your deepest desires
    • turn on your feminine strength
    • dial up your intuitive genius
    • embody your core values as you do meaningful work in the world
    • and live a brilliant life aligned with your greatest truth

    my style
    kimono-open.  graceful.  bold.  

    my message
    edge-pushing. tender. rousing.

    the afterglow 
    women emboldened to blaze remarkable trails into their work, loving, living and leading.


    i love to stir up juicy conversations on provocative topics like:

    how to turn on your business

    • radical how-tos for dialing down stress and overwhelm while dialing up contribution and impact. 
    • DO less so you can BE more. 
    • the optimal conditions that allow your feminine genius™ to flourish.
    • make a living without killing yourself.

    embodied feminine leadership:
    show us how it’s done.

    redefining success to suit your feminine mind & body 

    • the antidote, when having it all has taken too much. 
    • how to listen to your body.
    • business leadership that nourishes the feminine – rather than eats you alive. 
    • sometimes you have to give up on following a blueprint in order to find your way into a brilliant life.

    embody your message;
    the world needs you to walk your talk.

    finding & following your intuition in a “man’s world” 

    • the important differences between “masculine” and “feminine” strengths.
    • utilizing your feminine power (without kicking your masculine power – or anyone else’s – to the curb).
    • simple practices to become your own Oracle, your own source of divine guidance. 
    • develop spot-on clarity and mojo for work, love and life. 
    • how to get connected to your life’s purpose – otherwise known as your Heroine’s Journey.

    the Heroine’s Journey:
    coming home, as well as becoming home.

    why women need sensual pleasure to truly flourish

    • the scientific connection between a woman’s pleasure and her confidence.
    • why your desires are trustworthy; and how owning them is the quickest path to creating a life you love.
    • how to never again “lose yourself” in a relationship.
    • the non-negotiable ingredients for a woman’s happiness.

    the woman who is Turned On
    will light and lead our world.


    formats i adore:

    • 20-mins (Ted-style) 
    • 60-mins (let’s really get into it) 
    • 90-min (experiential exercises & a live demo) 
    • 2-3 hours (hot mini-workshop) 
    • lively panels and spicy Q+A sessions? yes, please.

    it is not enough to simply inspire.
    my aim is to prepare each woman
    to bring that inspiration to life.

    bring LiYana to speak

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    watch a sampling of live talks

    the art of woman-ing
    Emerging Women live, june 2013 


    the O factor
    FEM Talks, february 2013


    YourTango expert panel: women and success
    with Dr. John Gray, Dr. Tami Nelson & Debra Berndt, october, 2013


    caught speaking out at:

    shout outs

    "holding the torch for the fire of the feminine, LiYana spoke deeply and with humor on the magic of yin – and yoni!

    she embodies the powers of sensuality and authenticity in a way that invites emerging women everywhere to claim this secret sauce for their own.  brava!"

    Chantal Pierrat
    founder and ceo of Emerging Women

    "LiYana’s keynote roused the room not just with inspiring words and new perspectives, but with real-time exercises that (over) delivered what she promised: a fresh look at how women can tap into the wisdom of our bodies so our businesses, loves and lives can be all that more empowered and embodied.

    LiYana is a teller of truth; and while hearing her speak, we grew intimately closer to our own."

    Tanya Paluso
    author of Open Your Heart & ceo of Tribal Truth

    "my audience loved LiYana Silver’s compelling presentation! warm-hearted and clear, she created genuine connection with the audience and between audience members.  her presentation was interactive and the energy in the room was rich and vibrant.  we learned new insights from her and her expertise was wonderful.  each person came away with new tools which can be applied immediately to their unique life circumstances.  

    what i loved about LiYana was how she embodied what she taught, in every moment!  i got such wonderful feedback from the audience after the event, i will truly be honored to have her speak again.”

    Jessica Hadari
    founder of FEM Talks
    Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators

    "LiYana doesn’t just speak about embodied feminine leadership, she embodies it herself.

    straight-talking.  funny.  provocative.  lit up our stage like a sparkler.  i’d have her again in a hot minute."

    Regena Thomashauer, aka Mama Gena
    author & creatrix of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

    "through LiYana's stories and exercises, i watched the audience fall more deeply in love with themselves.  

    when she wove in a short impromptu dance performance, people literally jumped out of their seats cheering because, as they shared later, it awakened in them a long-slumbering desire to be more at ease in their own bodies and more fearless in their personal expression.” 

    Stacey Morgenstern
    founder of the Transformational Coaching Method & Holistic MBA

    "my community – and how they are taught and spoken to – is precious to me.  they keep asking when LiYana will be back!

    she creates a hallowed space, where each listener feels deeply seen – fertile ground for true transformation."

    Nisha Moodley
    women’s leadership coach & creator of The Freedom Mastermind,
    The Freedom Sisterhood and Fierce, Fabulous and Free