genius stories
sit for a moment ‘round the campfire and hear the tales of some remarkable Feminine Geniuses and the astounding work we’ve done together.

“… doubling, then tripling my business while having energy left for what’s next.”

"the clarity to leave my marriage.  then falling in epic love with a brilliant, generous and sexy man who treats me like i’m the only woman in the world.  doubling then tripling my business while having energy left over for what’s next.

i know that my connection to and trust in me is my anchor and the thing that makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me uncover.  LiYana is pure Feminine Genius.  she’s my love guru, and i’m not into gurus.  she’s that good.  get her in your corner."

Nisha Moodley
“even after 18 years of marriage, my heart is bursting with love and it grows everyday.”

"LiYana taught me how to get in touch with my desires, express them, and receive them.  she taught me to embody yes, to make each moment more pleasurable than the last … and probably the most profound of her masterful skills as a coach, to artfully dance with fears and limiting beliefs until it felt safe and okay to be a fully embodied miracle-making ecstatic woman, even as the main “breadwinner” for my family.

when i didn’t measure up to my own very high standards in making money, as a mother, as a friend, or as a partner (and it was rare to actually measure up), i would punish myself by denying myself anything fun or pleasurable.  i was often a “ wall of no,” as my husband liked to call it.

the changes happened faster than i ever imagined they could.  even after 18 years of marriage, my heart is bursting with love and it grows everyday."

Stacey Morgenstern
“i looked at the way LiYana succeeds in life and business in a way that is inherently feminine and i said, ‘i want what she’s got.  take me there.'”

"i looked at LiYana’s stunning home life … the way she succeeds in her business in a way that is inherently feminine: continuing to move forward, but always allowing versus forcing …  the kind of quality of respect that she garners from the people in the world who I admire the most …  all of this had me say, 'this woman walks her walk.  her life is congruent with what she teaches.  i want what she’s got.  take me there.'

after our coaching or belief re-patterning work together, i rarely remember what i came to LiYana for, because the changes become so obvious and part of who i am that i forget there was a way before that.

whereas before i hated my career, i was chronically exhausted and i was resenting my clients and about to give up photography altogether, now it’s like the opportunities seek me out.  my business has easily tripled and my work has become, on bad days, a great pleasure and on good days, an ecstatic expression of my greatest contribution."

Wendy K. Yalom
“i feel comfortable in my skin, celebrating who i am, rather than trying to fix, fade, change or modify it.”

"i had hidden away a huge part of myself – call it creative life-force, sensuality or inner guidance.  (i call it all of those!)  i thank LiYana for being a huge part of helping me thaw.

i have access to guidance that blows me away every time I hear it and follow it.  i channel it into my business that has doubled in size each year.  it has helped me leave a wrong-fitting relationship and create a beautiful engagement with a man i am clear is my life partner.  i always knew I had this kind of power, but it would come and go, and now i have complete access to it, and can reconnect easily when i fall off my feminine juju wagon."

Carey Peters
“in 6 months, LiYana helped me transform things that i have been working on in other growth and development programs for 10+ years.”

"i thought i had to do it all and that if i had too much pleasure, everything would fall apart.  i had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business, keeping on my son’s nap schedule and making sure that the to-do list was handled, but my inability to enjoying pleasure for pleasure’s sake was causing fights and resentments in my marriage, and i desperately wanted freedom with it.

in the past, i’ve invested in business programs without much of a thought, but when it came to working with LiYana and investing in my feminine power, i almost could not see the value.  but thank goodness i listened to my intuition!

LiYana is a master coach, always guiding me find clarity and calm within myself.

i understand more fully what it means to be a woman, to have constantly changing emotions, hormones, and cycles.  i discovered that i need spaciousness in my life to feel sexy and crave love-making.  i am now consciously creating my business and my life to leave space for Angelina to fill up so that i have more to give my husband, my son and my clients.

i now know that my marriage will last — where as before I was secretly worried.  the biz isn’t falling apart, it’s actually going more smoothly.  i know now that nothing is – or ever was – wrong with me.  i was just too busy to listen to my body.

everything i was searching for, i have found within me.  i am home."

Angelina DeWeese
“LiYana is the best at what she does, no kidding.  as a coach myself, i profoundly up-leveled my own coaching through the deep work we did together.”

"i was frantically trying to build a successful business (and failing).  i felt lost. i was suffering from not-enough-itis and had been approaching my life, my relationships, and my business development from fear and lack. my confidence was fleeting, at best, and i was bleeding money, as i kept investing in business solutions.  i reached a tipping point where i realized i needed something else entirely.  enter … soul healing work with LiYana.

we unearthed deeply-seeded fears.  i grew to truly honor myself as a woman who deserves to thrive in every area of my life.  what feels truly miraculous is that my “come-from” shifted from fear and began to rise up from the authentic essence of my deep desires.

i am more aligned with my true purpose, my true self and am shedding perceived obstacles left and right without regret or attachment.  effectively, in the last few months, i have received job offers for a vp position from two different organizations as well as speaking and teaching invitations to extend my reach to half a million people.  i now have so many incredible business opportunities flowing in to me now, it’s almost too much for me to handle.  almost 😉

so, when i say my Feminine Genius can create miracles, it’s no joke.  it’s no exaggeration.  the amount of progress i made in a few months is equal to what might have take me years to come to on my own, if ever."

Gina Knepell
“i know now that i am powerful, i am wise, i am love, i am intuition, i am precious … and that all that has ailed me, heals.”

"while finishing my dissertation, working to heal from a very, very dark past and starting my coaching practice, i felt doomed that things would never really work out for me.  i didn’t trust my intuition.  i felt anxious and insecure about opening up, speaking my voice or sharing my wisdom.  i felt deep mistrust for the feminine, in the world, other women and in myself.

through LiYana’s absolute loving presence and mentorship, i came into my own.

i feel such reverence and respect for the feminine now.  i know what it means to be an empowered woman and feel much more free expressing myself, owning my innate feminine wisdom and loving myself in rough times.

whereas before i didn’t trust women friends, now i have loving, connected, empowered and supporting relationships with women that feels like sisters.  this is a deep healing for me, that there is support to shine in the world.

my capacity to experience pleasure, connection, love and goodness in my life has increased a thousandfold, and continues to increase.  i look at myself living my day-to-day life now and, compared to how i was in relationships and life even three years ago, i don’t even recognize myself.

there is no way to put a price on healing the wounded feminine within the heart, soul, mind and body of a woman."

Nandi Hetenyi, PsyD
“i am now a complete human being and no longer seek others to fill a void within myself.”

"LiYana is a fu*king rock star!  and i do not say that lightly.

at an early age, i had learned that the feminine parts of myself were weak and to be considered strong and worthy, i needed to be more like a man.  now i know what it feels like to derive my strength from my feminine power and.  i.  love.  it.  watch out world!

when i began mentoring with LiYana, i was at a place in my life where i was experiencing so much anxiety it felt like a victory every time i left the house.  i had isolated myself from my friends, my family, and the world in general.  i used to resist feeling my unpleasant emotions.  especially in front of anyone.

i used to believe that i always had to be the best parts of myself at all times around other people.  now i have stepped into the experience of feeling my full spectrum of emotions with pleasure.  yes, with pleasure.  even when i am sad, i feel the joy in feeling my sadness.  i feel the joy in everything i do.  i feel safe being vulnerable around others and in fact, i now crave it.  it feels so delicious to be seen by others.  i gladly let my light shine brightly and my shadows roam freely with no self judgment.  i realize my needs and desires are what fuel my light and that shining that light is the best thing i can do for myself as well as for others.

i am now seeing in myself what others have seen in me for years.  turns out, life isn’t so scary after all.  i no longer feel anxious about the future.  i have finally learned what it feels like to be truly happy.  that alone made the whole investment worth it."

Tiffany Box
“my entire life i struggled to see my beauty.  the love i have for myself after working with LiYana is priceless.”

"i was reeeeeeally hard on myself all the time.  my inner voices were pretty cruel, i was jealous, scared of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone.  i wanted to face and embrace these fears, to know and love me more, and show up authentically in my new, beautiful, heart-expanding relationship.  deep down i knew i could have a deeper connection to my inner knowing, my desires and my feminine body – but i didn’t know how.

LiYana’s thoughtful, spacious, loving attention impacted me the most.  i could feel her with me, at my side, as a sister and guide – gentle, yet firmly resolved to show me the way to back to me.

i know myself as a woman now … this may sound strange from an outsider’s perspective.  but because i devoted myself to connecting with my feminine source, i no longer operate from a place of fear.  i channel joy and love through me to serve the world.  i know now that work and success do not have to be stressful.  and i feel safe to love and be loved in a way that before i didn’t know was even possible."

Jennifer Zlaket
“i formed a new relationship with this super sweet, passionate, gentle, powerful body of mine.  She is a powerful guide!  She knows!  i must only listen, and listening i am.”

"i sit here today, nearly two years after first meeting LiYana, and can say honestly for the first time that i love my life!

i have been connected to my joyful purpose, ended (or adjusted) relationships that no longer serve me, fearlessly pursued that which makes my heart/mind/body come alive, enjoy (rather than endure) my workday, had countless magical encounters, and have laughed and giggled more than the past five years combined.

the investment i made in me and this sweet, gorgeous, yummy life of mine was sooooooooo worth it!

for most of my life, i felt a disturbing level of numbness in my body and resultantly in my life.  my life was fine and good, but felt incomplete, unsatisfied, itchy and impatient.  despite having the partner, the house, the community, the stuff, the career…  i felt out of alignment with my own life and nothing that i was engaged in seemed to produce the shift i was calling for.

LiYana helped me to start listening to myself with such grace and love and ease that i had the room to do my work in a way that really honored me.

i also was so moved by the way in which LiYana shared herself, her life, her journey, her light and her dark so openly, as an offering to her fellow sisters on this path of opening.

whereas i used to feel that i had to control myself, my life and everyone in it, i have a sense of partnership with this life now.  we are in cahoots!"

Corinne Sheltren
“i’m crystal clear i’m (more than) worthy of epic love.”

"when i started coaching with LiYana, my marriage had just failed, my family was telling me i was crazy, my therapist was advising major pharmaceutical anti-depressants and institutionalization as the only way, and my femininity seemed like an alien i had never interacted with before.

now i’m dating men who previously i would have assumed wouldn’t even notice me.  i’m healthy.  i have a thriving healing practice.  a community of women who are lit-up by life.  and, i’m crystal clear that i’m worthy of epic love.

now that women are creating lives and businesses we love, i stand in our need for tools for beholding our own magnificence.  a thousand thank you’s for reuniting me with my feminine strength, LiYana."

Emily Tepper
“i’m no longer obsessing how to heal my past wounds, find the perfect partner, or become a success.  i am whole, i am happy, i am healed.”

"i first encountered LiYana while i working as a health coach and starting a masters of acupuncture, raising my daughter as a single mother and healing from a dark period in my past.  i cannot imagine being the woman and mother i am today without the miracle of LiYana’s masterful coaching helping me transform how i see and carry my life stories.

when i began our work, i was in a relationship with a man who i thought was my knight in shinning armor.  and yet, our great sex life was dwindling and i felt so physically terrible after every encounter that i thought i was beginning menopause.  i had no time for play, felt un-aroused by life and that my essence as a juicy, playful woman was on hold.

and then i discovered he had been involved with someone else our whole relationship.  what i thought was menopause and my own shortcomings i realized was my Feminine Genius and internal guidance telling me, 'Jen, there is no juice in this relationship.'  i chose to gracefully let the relationship go, realizing it wasn’t juicy enough for me.  for the first time in my life, i didn’t feel horrible when a relationship ended (and still don’t nearly two years later), because i came to know my body is wise, and i am tuned-in, sexy and savvy.

i came in thinking i needed help and i needed to change.  i left having been seen – powerfully seen – by a magical group of women and LiYana’s beautiful leadership.  what i thought were some of the most painful, harsh and unfair events of my childhood were actually the doorways to myself as a blessed, fully passionate and innocent woman.

today i live and love like never ever before.  today i am woman.  period.

i roar, i cry, i laugh and i play.  i stumble and feel crumbled in the dark and i am naked and beautiful under the sun.  money cannot buy the life-transformation that i got with LiYana."

Jennifer Fanning