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If Beyonce and Einstein hooked up

Someone recently asked me how to best describe my new book, Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman, and I said Feminine Genius is the book-baby you’d get if Beyonce and Einstein hooked up.”


I don’t know Beyonce personally (though I surely wish I did)!  But what I see and feel from this diva, singer, and performer is a woman who shows us her strength as well as her softness.  She neither dumbs down nor exploits her sexuality.  She seems as comfortable in her body as with her divinity.  She is as smart as she is sensitive. She isn’t trying to beat out the competition, she is working her ass off for a future in which we can all rise.

This to me is the strength of the feminine.

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How to trust yourself (when you don’t)

Maybe you constantly second-guess yourself.  Maybe you feel “crazy,” that you are your own worst critic.  That you care more what other people think than what YOU think.  That everything you want is probably bad for you.  That there is something intrinsically flawed in you.  That you can’t trust anyone, really, least of all yourself.

But the thing is, you were born trusting yourself.

You reached for what you wanted.  You joyfully assumed you would walk even as you fell down trying ten thousand times.  You took great pleasure from even the simplest things such as the changing shape of a cloud, your own belly button, or the plain cardboard box that the shiny, blinky toy came in.

Then came “the script.”  And then came “the forgetting.”

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