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Bonus #1:  Live 4-Week Book Club and Q+A Series

I’m excited to to be hosting this four-week live experience, titled: Moving Through the Dark Night and Brightening Your Sweet Life.  Each week, for four weeks, I’ll hold a live class by phone to go deeper into a theme of the book.

I’ll guide us into each week’s topic, read from the book, suggest practices to bring back into your life, and respond live to your questions.  All calls will be recorded and made available the next day.

In this wacky world built for the “masculine” in us all, let’s crack open Feminine Genius together, to honor and support you as the deeply-feeling, intuitive, sensual, sacred feminine creature that you are.

Mark your calendar now:

Week #1: Going to the Source (Friday, June 23rd, 3pm – 4pm Eastern time)
Week #2: Navigating Your Dark (Friday, June 30th, 3pm – 4pm Eastern time)
Week #3: Embodying Your Genius (Friday, July 7th, 3pm – 4pm Eastern time)
Week #4: Cultivating Your Light (Friday, July 14th, 3pm – 4pm Eastern Time)

Dial-in access details are included in the email I just sent you, and will also be sent out again the day of each call as well for your convenience.

If you already know you cannot attend any or all of the classes live, or if you know you might not be able to speak while on the calls, you can post your questions here.

(Please note that I will NOT be answering your questions there — only on the Book Club calls themselves).

Bonus #2:  Book Club Kit

To support you in creating a group to journey through Feminine Genius together, this Book Club Kit offers you:

  • Guiding questions to inspire group conversations as you go through the book
  • My best practices for creating a gathering where every woman feels welcome, safe, and expressed
  • A Facebook thread where you can share your photos and ah-has from your book club, and connect with other Feminine Geniuses
  • And, since no gathering is complete without snacks and drinks, some of my favorite recipes with a feminine flair!

In the email that is racing toward you, you’ll find the link to access your Book Club Kit.

When one woman reads Feminine Genius, sparks will fly. When a group of women go through it together, get ready for a bonfire!

If you haven’t already, make sure to like my Facebook Page. Connecting there is one of the best ways for us to interact on-goingly, and I’ll be doing a lot of upcoming Facebook Live videos, with perspectives, practices, and tips I may not get to share anywhere else.

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