Applications are open!


I’m delighted that you’d like to join us.

As you know, applying in no way binds you to DO this mastermind — well, mistress-mind! — program. Even if you don’t end up joining us, expect this process to be enlivening and enlightening.

  1. Please take about 20 minutes and respond to the questions below, about your goals, desires, challenges, and roadblocks.

    They’ll reach me through my secure server and I will hold them with respect and 100% confidentiality. Feel free to be as uncensored and un-grammatically correct — or as precise and elegant — as you wish. Just roll.

  2. I’ll then be in touch by email to set up a time to talk by phone or video conference, and we will dive into it all in greater detail.

    I’ll outline how the program will meet — and likely surpass — all you are wanting. You’ll get a felt sense for me and how I work. We’ll walk through the cost of the program including bonuses, discounts & payment plans. We’ll get any last questions answered.

    And we’ll both leave with a clear “not now” or “hell, yes!”

I am honored to get this deep look into your phenomenal soul,


PS: IMPORTANT: If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours after you’ve submitted your application, please Contact Us. You never know when technology eats an email and I don’t want to miss anything from you.

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