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transformational coaching. belief re-patterning. women’s embodiment.


Recognize your self-worth.
Reclaim your self-trust.
Regain your self-confidence.
Relax into your divinity.

For nearly two decades, I’ve specialized in helping women (like you) transform feelings of self-doubt and lack of self-worth.

The side-effects of self-doubt show up everywhere.

In your work life.
In your love life.
In your life-life.

And in case you haven’t already noticed, it doesn’t matter if you are accomplished, hard-working, and have overcome unbelievable odds.

Self-doubt will undermine how you feel about your body.
It will make you question your value. Your voice. Your visibility. Your work.

You may even question your right to take up space in the world.

Chronic self doubt can gnaw at the very foundations of your feeling worthy of love (no matter how accomplished you are).

It will make you constantly second-guess every decision you try to make.

Here’s the thing:

Self doubt can’t be eliminated at the surface-level. You need to go deeper.

For the last 18 years, I have taken women through a unique process that transforms the original beliefs that created the self-doubt in the first place.

So that you can stop with the constant apologizing, self-criticism, and second-guessing.

So that you feel
comfortable in your own skin, clear about your worth, and confident in who you are in the world.

And so that you feel sensually alive and naturally trust yourself, even with life’s toughest choices.

Most of the women who I get to work with:

  • have their own business, freelance career, or coaching practice …

  • know how to get sh*t done …

  • have gotten themselves to a point of success & accomplishment in their life …

  • have done heaps of self-work …

… but something still feels “off.”

This is likely because, if you haven’t looked at and revised your “original restrictive beliefs,” you’ll keep getting stuck in painful Some of what you can expect from working togetherpatterns and outdated ways of thinking that “worked” in childhood, but constrict and restrict you now. 

Some of what you can expect from working together

We will likely be a great fit if you:

  • Obsessively people-please out of fear of being disapproved of, abandoned, or rejected.

  • Shrink and dim yourself down in order to make others feel safe.

  • Sacrifice yourself (and your soul) for others’ well-being or harmony.

  • Are hyper-vigilant throughout your days, never feel safe enough to “let go” and relax. 

  • Struggle with vicious, negative self-talk.

  • Get caught in anxiety loops, depression spirals,  and emotional “free-falls.”  

  • Struggle with co-dependence and anxious or insecure attachment.

  • Feel like an “overwhelmed empath” constantly absorbing everyone else’s feelings and attending to their needs and problems before your own.

  • Deeply crave the capacity to ask for what you want, understand what you need, make bold requests, resolve conflicts without collapsing, and fully receive compliments (without back-pedalling or self deprecating).

  • Want to finally feel comfort and ease with being seen and visible.

  • Long to feel anchored in your sensuality, vitality, and joy (but just don’t feel safe or just don’t know how)

  • Want to be able to create and maintain healthy, win-win boundaries (verbal and energetic).

  • Are looking to learn to emotionally self-regulate, and develop the skills to “soothe and settle” your sensitive nervous system.

  • Crave to believe you are deserving, enough, lovable, and even magnificent.

  • Desire to express yourself clearly and powerfully, so that your voice can be heard and received in ways that feel true for you.

  • Yearn to feel deeply comfortable in your own skin, at any age, at any weight, and at any income.

  • Want to Simply. Be. Yourself.

“LiYana is my guru and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner.”

“Out of a long history of self-doubt and indecision, I found the clarity to leave my first marriage, and then found my way into an epic new love. I found the courage to make my way through unbelievably difficult heartbreak, and then to know when the right time was for me to have a baby. I’ve doubled, and then tripled my business while having energy left over for what’s next.

I know that my connection to trust in ME is what makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me uncover.”



Nisha Moodley
Women’s Leadership Coach / New mama
San Francisco, CA

“Transformation on warp speed. Working with LiYana was nothing short of a miracle.”

“It seems strange to say at 50+ years old, but I wanted to feel like an adult — sure of myself, not living in fear of disapproval or dislike. Able to make my own decisions and stand on my own two feet daily.

 I have stopped second guessing myself based on someone else’s opinion. I no longer have the yucky, gut-churning feeling that I’m ‘in trouble’ with others that would put me in a mental spin that was hard to get out of.

 That scared little girl inside of me, who was seen and not heard, feels loved and nourished now. 

I belong. Everywhere. That’s really incredible for a woman who’s always felt like an outsider, everywhere.”



Tamara Cameron
Health Coach
San Francisco, CA


“I can be compassionate toward myself — and like myself — even at my very worst.”

“The change of orientation that working with LiYana brings, has changed everything for me. I’m not saying that as a hyperbole. I do a lot of different kinds of personal growth work, so it’s not always easy to figure out what is actually helping. But in this case, it’s clear.

As I have been broke, overweight, depressed, even temporarily homeless, I have learned not just to survive, but also to develop a loving relationship with myself and with life.

I no longer see myself as a project to fix. I have a greater connection with my clients. I don’t make myself smaller around other women. I’m able to sit with my feelings instead of run from them or try to fix them right away. Ironically, I’m able to experience more pleasure and joy.

When I look at myself and my life through that lens, doing this work has been beyond worth it; it’s been priceless.”



Shadi Mogadime
Marketing & Sales Consultant
Toronto, Canada


“I trust myself. I never used to feel this way.”

“I used to binge eat and drink under stress, feeling, ‘things will run out, there isn’t enough, I’m not enough, so I need to fill up on this because who knows when the next great thing is coming?’

That part of me is still there, but instead of being a wild, crazy force, subverting so much of what I was trying to create in my career and life, she’s an amazing partner to me and a fabulous source of energy.

I know that I can trust myself with myself. I have far more strength and grit than I realized. I have access to a source of inner wisdom I didn’t know I had. I’m a better communicator and make great choices. I believe that I am whole … and from this, everything that I want and need can flow.”


Kavita Arora
Mother / Wife / Intuitive Business Strategist
Orange County, CA


Book a single session

Book a suite of three sessions

I’m honored and excited to be the “coach in your corner.” 

Here’s what happens next:

You’ll book your session(s), and then you’ll fill out a short Goals and Challenges form. This will guide our focus and also allow us to cover the most ground possible in our one-one time together.

We’ll meet over video conference (Zoom) or phone if you prefer, and we’ll spread out luxuriously over 85 minutes for each session.

Often, and as needed, you’ll also leave with a practice, exercise, or additional training, to take back into your life to help fully integrate the changes we’re making together.

I look forward to getting to work together,


Special Focuses

Over the years, I’ve developed two special focuses …

#1. The Inner Transformation that you must make, especially as a healer, leader, coach, or entrepreneur, in order to feel alive and aligned doing the work you are so called to bring into the world.

#2. The Radical Journey that you must take during and after a major life/love/work/identity breakdown, so that you can reinvent yourself and your life as the truest expression of who you are now.

Here’s more about both …

Inner transformation for Leaders, Coaches & Entrepreneurs

If you want your work to truly change the world, you first must change the way you work.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that how you do one thing is how you do all the things. (It’s true).

And that what you are grappling with internally your accumulated wounds, traumas, and stories get mirrored and magnified in your external world. (Also true)

So then you find yourself in the place where it is time to do your inner work so that you feel more aligned and alive as you do your work in the world.

And you find yourself in the place where you no longer care about doing it “the right way,” but instead deeply care about working in a way that’s right for you — especially as a woman.

And yet …

You (like all of us) work inside dominant systems (oh, capitalism, patriarchy, and meritocracy!) that have taught you:

  • Society wants you to be productive. And therefore valuable. Oh, and if it’s not working, work harder. So you ignore your body and you willpower your way through your exhaustion.

  • Your business calls you to use your logic, do the research, focus on the goal, and follow the plan. So you ignore your intuitive nudges and those little red flags.

  • Life demands that you be ON all the time. Your best ideas only come when you are your “best self.” So you put on a good face and push down your feelings.

  • And that you can be a qualified leader, despite being a woman. So you doubt yourself while constantly trying to prove yourself.

While pushing, following the rules, and “doing everything right” might work for a while – and might have gotten you quite far – there comes a time when it stops you dead in your tracks.

You feel sick. Overwhelmed. Overworked. Out of alignment. Disconnected. Dimmed down.

You feel as if you’ve lost your soul and you’ve lost your way.

But what if you knew that …

  • Willpower actually holds you back (because it suppresses your innate motivation while also burning you out).

  • ‘Logic’ actually limits you most women never realize that they are using only half their brain while also overriding their intuitive, instinctual knowing.

  • Trying to be ON all the time actually sends you off-course (because it dries up your inner resources and knocks you off your true path).

  • Focusing on “doing it right” dims your inner light (because it can crush the little girl inside who holds the fire that you need to get inspired).

  • You are qualified to lead not despite, but BECAUSE you are a woman. Your insights, perspectives, sensitivities, hungers, sense of injustice, ability to connect, and emotional self-awareness all give you distinctive power and effectiveness (especially in contrast to others who disown and discredit these deep inner resources). To my point, the authors of the book, “The Athena Doctrine” surveyed over 64,000 people across the lines of gender, income, class, ethnicity, and geography and found that 74% of people believe that the world will be made a better place when men lead more like women.

As a coach and mentor, the deep work of inner transformation is my specialty.

Mine is a strong, loving hand that guides you back to your true self so you can escape the trap of endless burnout.

Together, we get you working in a way that centers your body (before your mind), your intuition (before your logic), your pleasure (before your productivity), your presence (before your problem-solving), your ebb-and-flow (before your go-go-go) and your devotion (before your willpower).

There is a better way to live, love, and work.

It anchors you to your truth, your inner guidance, and your natural, radiant self.

It naturally makes your work in the world meaningful, sustainable, and powerful.

It helps you move with life, rather than against it.

Together, we dive deep into a unique process to locate the point in your life where your self-doubt got installed in the first place and your  misconceptions about yourself as a woman were first formed. 

Then we transform them in a deep and lasting way ( … without the years of endless therapy).

Once you’ve excavated and transformed your deeply rooted self-doubts, your energy and resources are freed up in ways that ripple throughout your work, your relationships, and your life.

What you reconcile in your inner world becomes reflected in your outer world.

This kind of inner transformation allows you to:

  • Develop rare and compassionate self-awareness of your own patterns (so you can break out of the vicious cycles).

  • Listen deeply to the “whisper” of your inner voice.

  • Learn how to trust yourself and your body’s intelligence.

  • Be able to “step into” and fully understand multiple perspectives. (Even when you strongly disagree with them. This is one of those ‘feminine superskills’ that most people never learn).

  • Give your needs a VOICE ( … at last)!

  • Make health and vibrancy your top priority — the bottom line comes next. 

  • Act and choose in ways that are in alignment with your deepest values.

  • Rather than perpetuating the devastating systems and problems in the world, create solutions.

  • Bring your full heart, self, and creativity to the work you do (which gives you freedom from relying on fear and willpower for your motivation).

  • Know how to speak your truth with openness and vulnerability, without collapsing into defensiveness.

  • Deepen your authentic confidence.

  • Feel lit-up as a person, a professional, and a woman.

  • Give your unique contribution to the world, while anchored in your joy.

Your inner work must come first. Then your income, relationships, and business success naturally follows. 

Your own inner transformation is one of the biggest determinants of the impact and success (and satis-freakin-faction!) that is possible through your work, your team, or your organization.


Book a single session

Book a suite of three sessions

Let’s get to work! Here’s how it goes from here:

You’ll book your session(s), and then you’ll fill out a short Goals and Challenges form, which will guide our focus and also allow us to get more done in our one-one time together.

We’ll meet over video conference (Zoom) or phone if you prefer, and we’ll spread out luxuriously over 85 minutes for each session.  

Often, and as needed, you’ll also leave with a practice, exercise, or additional training, to take back into your life to help fully integrate the changes we’re making together.

I look forward to getting to work together,

“I would never in a million years go back to the ‘old way’ I was working. ”

“The inner transformation process I went through with LiYana, and learning how to bring my “feminine” strengths to my work, has been life and business-changing.

For years I grew my business with drive and willpower, pummeling myself to stay on my edge. Then I looked around and saw other women who had a more relaxed way of leading and thought, ‘I want that!’

My business was growing before and it is still growing, but now I am kinder to myself (and my team). I have clearer boundaries, and I have more pleasure and more space — which is like saying I have 20 times more money!

This new way of working is actually more powerful — and it’s where my magic lives.”

Anese Cavanaugh
Mama of 2 kids and 3 rescue dogs.
Creator of the IEP Method®. Author of Contagious Culture.
Rocklin, CA

“I feel clear, confident, and worthy of respect — even in my male-dominated workplace.”

“Working with the US military — an extremely male-dominated environment — it’s an understatement to say that I felt anxious and uncomfortable in my skin. I am a smart cookie, but I had a constant stream of self-criticism telling me I was not ‘assertive’ or ‘masculine’ enough and unworthy of voicing my opinions.

As I got more in tune with my feminine energy, everything started to shift. I sit up taller, feel worthy of respect, and know my contributions are valuable, even under the pressure of reporting to top officials in the military.

And perhaps not surprisingly, I got an unexpected bonus and a raise, and was asked to lead an initiative for women’s leadership in my firm. I found my voice to leave a stifling relationship and courage to feel okay ‘alone.’ Six months ago, if you had told me this would be my life, I wouldn’t have believed it.”



Allison Bondanza
Clinical Psychologist for the Department of Defense
Washington, D.C.

“Working with intuition has been my best ROI ever!”

“I used to do business by following ‘the plan’ and doing what everyone else said to do. I built up companies twice, got sick and suicidal in the process, and went through two bankruptcies. Two.

But I got this zing in my body one day — what I now know is my intuition. For the first time, something felt good and right, so I followed it.

My company, Poo Pourri, has been debt free since our third week in business, profitable since the second month, and we’re now valued at 500-600 million dollars. My life is beyond anything I could have imagined. I didn’t dream this big. My dream growing up was to work at the local factory.

You can trust it, people, come on! Because what we’ve been doing hasn’t worked, so what do you have to lose?”


Suzy Batiz
Evolutionary Entrepreneur / Founder of Poo Pourri
Part mother, part mermaid / Can tell a great poop joke
Dallas, TX

“I understand what it means to be — and do business as — a woman, to stay healthy amid my constantly-changing emotions, hormones, and cycles.”

“LiYana helped me transform things that I have been working on in other growth and development programs for 10+ years.

I had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business, keeping on my son’s nap schedule, and making sure that the to-do list was handled, but my inability to enjoy and let go was causing fights and resentments with my husband.  I discovered that I need spaciousness in my life in order to feel sexy. I now know that my marriage will last — where as before I was secretly worried.

I used to second-guess myself about everything, fearing failure or embarrassment. Now when I start to doubt myself, I use it as a sign to let me know I am on to something amazing, and I go for it.

I now know nothing is — or ever was — wrong with me. I was just too busy to listen to my body.”


Angelina DeWeese
Soul Purpose Business Coach
1 husband + 2 kids + 3 businesses in a house by the sea
Carmel, CA

After The Rupture, Your Reinvention

Moving you through the Dark Night and back into your Body and Life.


I’m glad you’re here. 

What you are going through, and have been through is no joke. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve been there with hundreds of women.  

As in, making it through a divorce. Re-finding yourself after divorce. Becoming a mother. Not becoming a mother. Post-partum. Health crises. Moving homes. Moving countries. Death. Betrayal. Unspeakable loss.

All Dark Nights come with a depth of painful disorientation like nothing else.  

Things that used to work, now don’t.

Things that were clear, now are muddled.

Things that used to be easy, now are impossible.

The sacred castles you lovingly erected, are burned to the ground. Ashes.

You long to reinvent yourself, but aren’t clear on your next steps, and likely can’t even get your feet to move.

I know it might feel like everything is impossible and you’ll never get back to yourself, or to joy, or a wonderful life.

But listen. Really listen. 

Although what you are going through is impossibly hard, it’s not a punishment.

You are not going crazy. You are being reshaped.

This is an invitation (and an announcement that you are ready) to . . .

  • Step into the next version of your beautiful self and beautiful life.

  • Strip away what’s no longer working in your life and become who you truly ARE.

  • Revise the painful beliefs you have about yourself and your value.

  • Become more deeply connected to your inner knowing.

  • Say what you once silenced. Feel what you once buried. Know what you once doubted. Move, build, and create where you once froze.

  • Be confident where you once caved. Feel comfortable in the body you once hated. Own what you used to apologize for.

  • Rebuild what has crumbled, reinvent yourself, and live like the blazingly powerful woman you truly ARE.

You are in a holy place, even though it might hurt like hell.

But here’s the thing . . .

Before your triumphant Reinvention, you have to fully grasp WHY things fell apart.

What parts of you have you been silencing, burying, doubting, hiding, freezing, and apologizing for?

Your body? Your feelings? Your voice? Your sex? Your fire? Your tenderness?  Your needs? Your desire? Your hunger? How much space you take up? That you were born a girl (and not a boy)?

Your Reinvention is coming. Oh, it is coming. I can hear it thundering toward us on the horizon. And it is glorious.

But if you aren’t deliberate as you reinvent yourself and your life, you’ll do so based on your past, painful beliefs. 

Based on what your logical mind (or other people, or our very confused culture) THINK you should do and be. 

With half of you still silenced, buried, and hiding.

And then, instead of a Reinvention, you’ll have a Re-Enactment – of all the same shit (with a fresh coat of paint on it).

I know you do not need more of the same old shit.

As a coach and mentor, this deep, dark soul-work is what I was made to do.

It is my honor to help you make sense of what fell apart, to give you tools to make it through, and to show how to make meaning out of the mess.

You know all that self-blame and self-criticism that gets kicked up when things fall apart? 

First, I walk you through my unique process — that I call Belief Re-Patterning — that finds where those nasty buggers got installed in you, in the first place. 

Beliefs like, “I can’t ask for what I need. I don’t have a voice. I’m not good enough. I have to get it right. I have to do more. I’m an imposter. It’s all up to me. I’m not worth it.” 

Then, we trade them up for ones that match your magnificence: Beliefs like, “I trust myself. I trust life. My desires are the answers to someone’s prayers. What I have to say matters. It is safe to be seen. I belong. I am whole.  I am Home.”

You will also (re)learn how to  …

  • Work through and extract the messages from the toughest of feelings (like anger, grief, envy, shame, and depression). 

  • Develop a “kind mind” and keen inner guidance.

  • Make good choices even in stressful circumstances.

  • Heal inherited wounds and past traumas. 

  • Naturally trust yourself and get clear about your next steps.

  • Stop with the toxic self-talk and second-guessing.

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin, confident about your worth, and certain about your unique contribution to the world.

  • Deepen into true friendship with yourself.

  • Own your beauty, power, and sensuality.

  • Anchor yourself in your joy.

It is my honor to help you transform old beliefs and to help facilitate your Reinvention.

Book a single session

Book a suite of three sessions

You were made for this. Here’s how it goes from here:

You’ll book your session(s), and then you’ll fill out a short Goals and Challenges form, which will guide our focus and also allow us to get more done in our one-one time together.

We’ll meet over video conference (Zoom) or phone if you prefer, and we’ll spread out luxuriously over 85 minutes for each session.  

Often, and as needed, you’ll also leave with a practice, exercise, or additional training, to take back into your life to help fully integrate the changes we’re making together.

I look forward to getting to work together,

“After working with LiYana, I don’t even recognize myself.”

“Before I landed in LiYana’s loving presence and mentorship, I was disconnected from my body, was healing from a difficult past, and had been in quite a long dark night of the soul.

LiYana is the real deal and touched the parts of me that needed love the most. I learned to trust my intuition, feel more safe in my body, feel the presence of the nourishing feminine, and feel a profound hope in my heart that my life would be filled with love again.

My capacity to experience pleasure, connection, love, and goodness in my life has increased a thousandfold, and continues to increase.

There is no way to put a price on healing the wounded feminine within the heart, soul, mind, and body of a woman. I would do this work over again double.”



Nandi Hetenyi, Psy.D.
Psychospiritual Healer and Writer
Oakland, CA

“My entire life I struggled to love myself on a deep level. Working with LiYana shifted this profoundly.”

“I’ve gone through at least two reinventions with LiYana. 

In the most recent one, my partner and I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to get pregnant. Although my pregnancy was joyous and smooth, the birth of my son was traumatic. In the 2.5 years following that, I found myself in a deep, depressed, dark night of the soul — the most challenging to date.

My journey has been raw and not linear — and yet, I’ve shifted painful beliefs stuck in my body and psyche. And I’ve come to understand intimately the beautiful gems in the darkest parts of myself. 

You see, this is where LiYana shines. THIS is her specialty. She dives in with you — deep. She’s masterful in navigating you through the places where you feel trapped, ugly, wrong, crazy, enraged, or depressed.

I am now diligent about my self-care — a fierce, devotional, sacred form of self-love. I’m aware of my strengths, I live with intention, and I have my inner wisdom to guide me. My life is not perfect, and yet I feel equipped to handle any great challenges that come my way. 

If any of this resonates with you, trust that you’ve found this page for a reason. You’ve found LiYana for a reason. 

I am not the same person I was before I met LiYana. She’s a genius in the realm of reinvention, a trusted soul sister who helps you remember who you ARE, and who is there by your side when you forget.”

Jennifer Zlaket
Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Coach
San Pedro La Laguna, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

“Money cannot buy the life-transformation that I got from working with LiYana.

“I first encountered LiYana while I was finishing my doctorate program for Acupuncture, raising my daughter as a single mother, and continuing to heal from a dark period in my past where I was addicted to drugs, estranged from my baby girl, and living on the streets.

I came in needing help to change. I left having been seen – powerfully seen – through LiYana’s beautiful coaching. What I thought were some of the most painful, harsh, and unfair events of my childhood were actually the doorways to myself as a blessed, fully passionate, and innocent woman.

Today I live and love like never ever before. Today I am woman. I roar, I cry, I laugh, and I play. I stumble and feel crumbled in the dark and I am naked and beautiful under the sun.”

Jennifer Fanning
Washington D.C.

“I had a perfectly ‘fine and good’ life before. I now have an extraordinary life filled with light, love, laughter, adventure, passion, and desire.”

“I came to LiYana because I felt a disturbing level of numbness in my body and resultantly in my life. Despite having a partner of 14 years, the house, the community, the stuff, the career, I felt incomplete, unsatisfied, itchy and impatient … out of alignment with my own life. 

I wanted to answer for myself  one of the hardest questions, ‘Should I stay or should I go? And how will I know?’

LiYana helped me to start listening to myself with such grace and love and ease that I had the room to do my work in a way that really honored me. I could then be in my body and feelings in a different way than before in my life. So then, I really just kept asking myself, ‘what do I want?’ and from that place — before any reasons — my answer was clear. 

The investment in me and this sweet, gorgeous, yummy life of mine was SOOOOOOOOO worth it!”


Corinne Sheltren
Organic Farmer
Mendocino, CA